What do I do with the .pem files generated on manual mode in my Mac?


Hi! First of all, I’m no expert on Terminal or SSL but I have some knowledge of it. I have a cPanel on my website and that’s about it. I installed Certbot on my Mac on manual mode and executed it and everything and I got 5 .pem files but I just don’t understand from the Certbot documentation what to do next with them. Where do I get the .crt and .key and CAB to install the certificates on my cPanel? :frowning: Help!


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You should be able to rename fullchain.pem to fullchain.crt, and privkey.pem to privkey.key, and install those into cPanel. Let us know if you have any trouble, and don’t forget to renew your certificate every 60 days!


Thanks a lot! For some reason I can only see the aliases for these files but not the files per se although in the Terminal they do appear when ls.


I changed the aliases’ names but can’t upload them to cPanel. Is there a way to open them with the Terminal or something so that I can just copy the necessary strings to paste in cPanel?


the little arrow indicates that it is a link/shortcut to the actual file.
If you open “cert.pem”, do you see any content?


Also, if you’ve moved the files, the symbolic links may have been broken. You’ll want to nose around the /etc/certbot/archive/ directory to find the versions that were linked to.


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