What about default apache site


New to the forum, network administration and I am french. Apologies for my poor English.
I decided to run my own web and email server quite recently.
I find difficult to prevent http or https to connect directly to my web server using its IP address. Looking into that matter brought me into LetsEncrypt as when I run it for my two hosted VirtualHosts (using apache2), and disabling default site, I depicted that 000-default.conf and its ‘ssl’ counterpart default-ssl.conf had, first, different names and, second, that this default site was not running LetsEncrypt certificate but the standard SSL certificate.

  1. Can both matters be linked ? I want to prevent http and https to connect with my server’s IP address.
  2. How can I have LetsEncrypt be the certificate for my default site ?

Hope this is clear. I can provide screen copies of my files if needed.

Thanks for your help.