Website redirects to Plesk login page due to SSL

Hi, my website is redirecting to Plesk login page instead of the WordPress page.

This is due to an SSL error, I don't know what it is.

Note: I have added this txt record on both, domain registrar (authoritative DNS for my domain) and added it on my server DNS settings as well. Could this cause any issues?

Hi @thelege2nd,

This is not a Let's Encrypt issue or a common (general) SSL issue. It's something with your Plesk setup.
The two common issues in this case is documented on Plesk help center: Website redirects to Plesk login page – Plesk Help Center and Plesk-hosted website redirects to Plesk login page when opened via HTTPS – Plesk Help Center.

If you experience further issues with your instance, please contact Plesk support (or try to gracefully restart your server)

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