Website certificate external to Domain is renewed but internally has expired


Hi There

so we currently are using the same domain name internally as our website domain. whenever a user accesses the website from any device that is not joined to the internal domain, they access the site without any errors of an expired certificate. but then when a user accesses the same site on a computer joined domain, there is an error message that the certificate expired last year (2018) in October.

I have looked for a certificate on both my domain controllers but i cant find any, is there anyone who has an idea on how to resolve this?


Hi @Emulator003

I can’t see in your internal network.

But it looks that you have two different servers or one server configured with two different vHosts, one internal, one external.

So check if these definitions use the same certificate.


The website certificate shouldn’t be on the domain controller.

Can you show a screenshot of the expired in October 2018 message?


Please see attached, this is from a PC joined to my local domain.


The cert was issued by Let’s Encrypt.
[domain joined or not]

How was that cert put on that server (on 2018/07/29)?


The Internet site for that name shows a valid LE cert.

Are there two servers (with that same name)?


Hi rg305,

so because you are on the external network. when you visit this domain it shows a valid cert. but for me who is on the internal network, i only see the attached cert which is expired (domain joined computers)


I do understand the problem.
What I don’t understand is your setup/network.

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