Webmin SSL for Hostname not possibel?

Hey together,
since the last Webmin Update I tried using Letsencrypt for my Server. But every time I try to generate a certificate for the generic Domain of my VServer (given by my Provider), there is this error:

The following ‘urn:acme:error:unauthorized’ errors were reported by
the server:

Domains: h2462990.stratoserver.net
Error: The client lacks sufficient authorization

It works with alle the other domains and virtualservers created in webmin. Can you guys help me out?


Maybe it is because the validation file is not written in de default webroot for virtualmin.
Use other directory: /var/www/html
instead of Apache virtual host matching hostname


See Let’s Encrypt in your SSL Encryption of Webmin configuration provide the dir and client /Path/To/LetsEncrypt/letsencrypt-auto and other settings you want to request a (re)new certificate.
Change log: Version 1.780 (30th December 2015)