Webmin Module for Certbot/LetsEncrypt Control/Settings?

Is there a webmin module that provides access to certbot/letsencrypt settings, commands, status checks, etc? If not, are there any plans to create one?

I know that there is something to assist in using letsencrypt to create/install a certificate for webmin itself to use, but that seems to be the only thing that exists, so far.

I would love to be able to do things like check the status of my letsencrypt certificates (similar to using “certbot certificate”) and, if certbot has (or adds) the capability to send notification emails for success/failure of renewal attempts, the ability to manage settings like that would also be great.

Hi @nurbles,

Let’s Encrypt doesn’t maintain any client software ourselves and that’s not likely to change. I would recommend inquiring with the authors of the existing WebMin module to see if they’re planning to integrate any of the features you suggest. They sound useful to the wider community so I hope they would be receptive!

I posted in this forum because it was tagged as related to certbot development, too. I think they do make their software, and may consider this idea. If not them, someone else with the required skills may see the request here, I hope. :slight_smile:

My mistake! I didn’t realize that you were also asking about Certbot support for this. That’s fair!

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