Web site inaccessible in https randomly


I use a certificate letsencrypt since few month … recently and randomly (envery xx hours), my website is inaccessible in https. The server ping good but the access in https cannot be done. After max 5 minutes, the access in https work again.

Do you think the certificate is the problem? It is still valid for 1 month.

My server is a Amazon EC2 small.

Thank You

How did you establish the fact that HTTPS service is not available every XX hours? Do you use any external monitoring? Try ruling out first the problems with the monitoring service you’ve been using and the networking issues between the place you are monitoring from and your instance. Also since you are on AWS, you have an access to monitoring tools, such as CloudWatch, which might help you to pinpoint the issue if your instance is misbehaving. Also check your web server logs for errors.

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