Web Hosting who support Lets Encrypt


Virtual Splits offers Let’s Encrypt certificates through cPanel. They are based in Mexico, with servers in the U.S.


I would like to know if there are others web hosting providers that support the program but are not mentioned. Example, I would like to know if BizzaHost is included in this group, since I do not see the name on the list, but the company promote it.


I think it’s safe to assume that there are plenty of web hosts using Let’s Encrypt that are not on this list. The list is not official in any way; just a community-maintained list of companies that support Let’s Encrypt. If no one in this community has stumbled across a particular web host that’s using Let’s Encrypt, and if the company didn’t add it either, it would not appear on this list.

(Side note: the footer of bizzahost.com seems to contain PHP code (which, given that it’s visible on the page, is not being executed, though I haven’t tested this) including a remote code execution vulnerability. I’m not entirely certain what that is about. I’ve dropped them an email about it, but this might be relevant to your choice of web host.)


The WordPress hosting platform Pressable also supports Lets Encrypt on by default for any added domain pointing to our servers.

Disclaimer, I work support over at Pressable.


FastComet offers free Let’s Encrypt certificates in their shared hosting packages. I tried it and got a Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate - rated A- by Qualys SSL Labs - for my cousin’s site by just clicking a button on a cPanel page.

Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificates are standard, free of charge and have been set up on all Shared Hosting Servers to automatically renew when they expire.

Source: https://www.fastcomet.com/compare-shared-package

TMDHosting offers Let’s Encrypt certificates for their professional shared hosting package.
Source: https://www.tmdhosting.com/shared-hosting.html


I use ICD Soft and can confirm they support Let’s Encrypt, see https://www.icdsoft.com/news from 11th October 2016. Can you add them to the list please. Thanks


CloudsHost, porkbun, staticland, and TheWP.PRO all support Let’s Encrypt. porkbun offers free Let’s Encrypt certificates both with hosting and domain name purchases.

http://www.domainsherpa.com/ray-king-porkbun/ (40:00-41:00 in the video)
https://alternativeto.net/software/thewp-pro/ (Description posted by TheWP.PRO themselves, which you’ll see if you click the “MORE APP INFO” button and look under the “Tags” section.)


Hi there,
We didn’t think it was so special at all, but our clients told us that many free web hostings don’t offer this, so, here you go: We’re offering Let’s Encrypt integrated in our Free Hosting at https://onesite.co/

I thought that it could be worthwile creating an actual topic on Let’s Encrypt Community for those who actually find this useful.

We never thought this would be so much of a deal, but apparently it’s cooler than what we thought it was haha At OneSite we provide a Platform where people have all they need to have a website for free. We provide free cPanel hosting, Let’s Encrypt Free SSL, Website Builder, Learn Code courses and much more.

Feel free to give it a look. If this looks as spam, please edit the post to make it less spammy (and sorry for the spam in that case haha)

Hope this helped someone!


Webbera LTD offers Let’s Encrypt, clients can install it using only one click and it is full integrated.


https://www.blumhoff-media.com/ supports it as well.
From now on, we automatically host web-hosting with SSL-Certificates.
Please add us to your list (in Germany).

If you should have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Thank you and best regards
Hans Blumhoff (CEO)


Hi Jeremy,

we at https://www.hosting.de support Let’s Encrypt as a completely managed solution. When everything goes as planned we will enable SSL by default for any VHost created in our system. Our control panel is available in German and in English.

Could you add us to your list?




For the time being, I believe that Gandi should be removed from the list. They don’t support automated renewal, their tutorial is quite technical for shared hosting customers and implies setting up a VPS Server to be able to do it manually every single time. Their VPS server is obviously an independent service from your simple hosting instance(s) - and paid separately. You can confirm this information by having a deeper look at their tutorial: https://wiki.gandi.net/en/tutorials/letsencrypt
From personal experience, this tutorial is hard to achieve without errors along the process. So far their customer support has been excellent and always willing to help, but after going through the whole process I don’t agree that they should be listed a Web Hosting provider which supports Let’s Encrypt, at least not yet.


Nexcess support have advised me by e-mail that they support Let’s Encrypt, but sometimes on request, because depending on which server you are on they need to upgrade their control panel first.


Hey @StopSpazzing thanks for this post!

Tsohost cloud hosting now (11 Jan 2017) supports Let’s Encrypt SSL certs - link: https://www.tsohost.com/blog/cloud-update-free-lets-encrypt-ssls-now-supported


Linode doesn’t make sense on this list, they’re not a shared hosting provider. Any unmanaged VPS will support Let’s Encrypt, but will need to be implemented by hand. Including it under “no plans to support” makes no sense.

I’d propose either removing it, or starting a new “Unmanaged VPS” category.


Hi all, possible to add Zitana or change my user level to edit the article?

Press release: https://www.zitana.com/dock/switch-gratis-naar-https-met-lets-encrypt/



Hi StopSpazzing,

May you please help to Website Solution too?

URL: https://www.website-solution.net

English: https://www.website-solution.net/en/about-ssl-and-lets-encrypt/
Chinese: https://www.website-solution.net/?p=6421

Many thanks.



We are integrated Let’s Encrypt SSL into our control panel: sprinthost
The certificate is renewed automatically.

Big Thanks to Let’s Encrypt Team.


RebornWebs.com supports letsencrypt.


Does anyone have any information about bluehost ? I have a shared hosting account and would love to implement let’s encrypt on one of my domain.
Thanks for helping :slight_smile: