Web Hosting who support Lets Encrypt


Estonian web hosting provider, veebimajutus.ee supports Let’s Encrypt in their standard hosting package.


LiquidWeb supports LE on their VPS plans. You need to request it be activated one-time, then you can implement it on any site through WHM.


Hello there can we please add https://anmhosting.net/ to the list please , both shared and dedicated supported.


Luna Node (https://lunanode.com/) not only uses LE for their own website certificates, but also offers application templates with LE support built-in (see https://wiki.lunanode.com/index.php/Application_Templates).


Could you Please add https://webhostingforbusiness.co.uk/ based in the UK.
We offer full Lets Encrypt Support for all our hosting plans with auto install via clients cPanel.
We operate the latest Software and are fully php 7.0 compliant.


<a href =https://swissclouding.com/">Swissclouding.com is supporting to Let’s encrypt.


Savana.cz supports https via let’s encrypt. I set it up easily with just few button clicks in the admin area. (currently public ipv4 is needed, but they are working on that)


Add TimeWeb.ru they added it. With automatic renew process (for shared hosting)


Unfortunately I didn’t think to get a screenshot of the window, but Host Gator (currently on the “delayed” list) just told me via chat support that “enabling this service for Shared Servers via cPanel would be a security threat” :frowning:

(This after remaining silent on the issue for the past 9 months, as per OP’s linked tweet.)


Thank you for the awesome list. Let’s Encrypt popularity is nearing it’s tipping point where hosting companies just have to face the facts to stay competitive!! :slight_smile:

For those who need a more human readable list – there was one in this thread:


“Arsys” can be added to the “No planned support” list. I recently contacted them about using a Let’s Encrypt certificate (being user of a shared hosting plan) and their reply was that due to “security reasons” ( :disappointed: ) they can’t offer support to other certs. They only support the Symantec certs they sell themselves… do the math.


only symantec certs for security reasons? I havent laughed like that in quite a while.

How can I implement your ssl certificate to my ecommerce website(newbie)

Hi Matt- just wanted to let you know I love thisistap.com I use it quite a bit when setting up client sites and for lots of sandboxing purposes, among other things. Terrific service–thanks so much!


Hey everyone https://feedia.co offers Let’s Encrypt and it’s free hosting. Their signup is the easiest I have seen.


Web-Service4U offers full LE-Support. Link: https://web-service4u.de/


Smart Hosting UK now offering LE using cPanel plugin letsencrypt-for-cpanel making installation easy for people like me with little server experience. Have been working with them to get it tested on one server and they are currently rolling it out across the platform.


Advena will support automated generation of LetsEncrypt certificates as of January 2016.


but must know many webhoster who selling hosting package is reseller and in fact they are the same


My hosting company is not listed here. Also, Ifastnet or byet hosting is not included for Lets Encrypt.


https://servertown.ch/ supports Let’s Encrypt. Easy accessible via Plesk, just tried it out.
P.S.: Thanks for providing this great service (Let’s Encrypt)!