Web Hosting who support Let's Encrypt


Hi, please add hostone.com.br (Host One), from Brazil, offering Lets Encrypt since 2017 for all cpanel customers. In portuguese announce: https://blog.hostone.com.br/certificado-ssl-gratis-para-todos-lets-encrypt/


There is also this link to “Manually install an SSL certificate on my cPanel hosting:”


anyone here tried this? wondering if successful, and how often needs to be manually renewed (or if it can be auto-renewed)


Not really. If you have SSH access to your cPanel hosting, you can do things like use acme.sh + its cPanel deploy hook + a cron job for renewal. But otherwise, you would have to manually repeat the exercise at least every 90 days (recommended every 60 days).

At any rate, GoDaddy still does not qualify for this list.


thanks for your reply - if I switch to a Web Hosting Provider with Let’s Encrypt Support: like DreamHost - will that still necessitate “…repeat the exercise at least every 90 days?”


No, the sites on this list support automated renewal of certificates, which is the way the Let’s Encrypt developers intend for Let’s Encrypt to be used.


OK good to know - thanks…


On Godaddy with cPanel

I am successfully using Let’s Encrypt. I have to renew every 90 days, as required by Let’s Encrypt. I use SSL For Free to simplify the process.

It’s a manual process. To the best of my knowledge, it can’t be automated on GoDaddy, but I could be wrong.

The process is simple if you choose to use a wildcard for subdomains (e.g. *.example.com). It takes some minutes for each site every 90 days. If you’ve manually added subdomains (cPanel > Domains > Subdomains), they take just a few seconds each to include.

If you don’t use a wildcard, it becomes a hassle ensuring that you’ve included not only your manually-added subdomains but also every possible automated subdomain, e.g. cpanel.example.com, webmail.example.com, etc. I strongly recommend that you use the wildcard method.


Thank you paddylandau! The tutorial on their page looks good…
I will try it:
GoDaddy Shared Server Hosting - SSL Certificate - DNS Verification & Installation


Ah, I think that that is a new video, because I haven’t seen it before. I don’t have time to watch it now, but if you struggle, post a new thread, then post the link to the thread here, and I’ll chip in with my method.


will do - thanks again!


can you email me how you did this through ipage please? more24.4u@gmail.com


Hi, Please add Everdata Technologies Pvt Ltd(https://www.everdata.com/) as we provide Lets Encrypt to all cPanel customers in hosting packages; adding Everdata will be helpful for your viewers as well



Could you please provide one page (with link) to us that showed customers will get let’s encrypt certificates for free?

Thank you

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GearHost www.gearhost.com fully supports Let’s Encrypt. We have hundreds of users already using it through our control panel which is fully automated to create certificates for our customers with a single click.


UK based Company supporting Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates on their hosting, also includes Auto cPanel SSL, website: https://awebhosting.uk/ company name AWEBSOLUTIONS LIMITED, London UK