Web Hosting who support Let's Encrypt


I am an AwardSpace customer. On a VPN, Let’s Encrypt is standard, on shared/semi-dedicated plans, you simply have to contact Support and they will set up Let’s Encrypt for you.


Here at visualwebtechnologies.com we also support Let’s Encrypt certificates for both shared and reseller hosting packages with DirectAdmin.



I can’t find anything referred to free certificate on your shared hosting webpage… There are mentions of “SSL certificate” on your reseller hosting, but is there any difference between “shared certificate” and “free SSL certificate”?

Also, as far as I see, all reseller and shared hosting are powered by cPanel… Not sure why you indicate DirectAdmin?

Thank you


Reform Hosting also providing Lets Encrypt support :slight_smile:


Host Color & Host Color Europe are also supporting “Automatically Enable Let’s Encrypt and Redirect HTTP->HTTPS by Default”. However, I’m not linking both websites because this thread has already become have too many of them and looks like a “link farm”.


Bozorg Mizban also providing Lets Encrypt support
بزرگ میزبان هم از لتس انکریپ پشتیبانی میکند


Hostworx.co.za supports letsencrypt certs, and we also can do https redirection.


Hristo from SiteGround here, this statement is not true since months:

  • SiteGround.com (Source ) ( as of January 2018 reportedly not compatible with domains containing foreign characters )

Please, remove it, we support foreign characters for domains and certificates.


Sure thing.

However, I’ve noticed some users are saying that siteground is having issue renewing their certificate.
Is this issue resolved?

Thank you


Yes, we had issues because of the Let’s Encrypt numerous rate limits. However, we have updated our system and LE integration so our users should not experience such problems anymore.


$1 Web Hosting also providing Lets Encrypt support


Still trying to get https://www.veerotech.net added to the list - we’ve supported Let’s Encrypt for a few years now.

Will "Let's Encrypt" contact my hosting company

Added you.

To providers requesting inclusion: please include a source link (documentation, about page) that describes your Let’s Encrypt integration, it makes it much easier for everyone to verify your inclusion.


https://empireict.net/ has started supporting Let’s Encrypt. I can verify that. currently using Let’s Encrypt and it’s been enabled through cPanel.


Does anybody have intel on setting up with Domain.com?


QTH.com Hosting offers Full Support (automatic SSL installation, and automatic redirection to https via .htaccess provisioned at account creation). For details, see: https://hosting.qth.com/index.php/knowledgebase/118/Free-SSL-Certificates.html


I can’t see the name of Namecheap also bro.


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iPage.com now supports a free ssl option for sites without a paid certificate. Found that the Let’s Encrypt certificate was already available to use and just needed to update my .htaccess for 301 redirect.


MyDreams.cz is supporting to Let’s encrypt too.