Web Hosting who support Let's Encrypt


Hi Steven

If I move to them I'll try it out and let you know.



Hi @stevenzhu

We - TransIP - are offering Let’s Encrypt for all webhosting packages automatically since 2017. See our webpages for webhosting mentioning SSL in Dutch and English.

For VPS we offer pre-installed images (such as CentOS 7 w/ DirectAdmin) that have Let’s Encrypt installed, see this knowledgebase article.



@danielp Thank you. I’ve updated the thread…


My hosting company www.cheapwebhosting-uk.co.uk also supports Let’s Encrypt and has the one click install


Can you provide me some sort of documentation that shows HostGator utilizes the Let’s Encrypt SSL? I believe they still use the AutoSSL from cPanel provided by Comodo.

I see nowhere in this article where it says that they issue the certs through Let’s Encrypt, nor do I see any sort of waiver for the SSL install fee that comes with bringing your own SSL if you wanted to use an LE cert.



I’ve contacted HostGator in person and they confirmed to me that they are all switched to Comodo autossl (aka cPanel CA issues certificate)

The previous OP probably missed the facts that autossl would issue Comodo based certificate by default and let’s encrypt based autossl would need extra setup…

Thank you


The german provider campusspeicher.de is supporting lets-encrypt-SSL for all their webhosting plans. I tried it out with their basic Bachelor package and it was very easy to setup (one click like)



Slotex.pl support Let’s Encrypt for shared web hosting. We are a polish hosting company.
Source: https://slotex.pl/oferta/hosting-www




I have just received an email from Zuver Hosting (zuver.net.au) advising that it is phasing out Let’s Encrypt certificates. Excerpt below:

This email is to advise that we are phasing out Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates and replacing them with free automatically issued AutoSSL certificates for all hosted domains that do not have an SSL installed. The reason for the change is the result of some issues we’ve identified with the Let’s Encrypt system as well as wanting to move to an automated solution to issue SSL’s by default for domains with Google’s move to mark all unencrypted sites as insecure in Chrome.

If you have a Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate installed:

On the evening of 18/09/2018 we will replace your Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate with a Comodo AutoSSL certificate for any domains on your Hosting - familypaths.net service. There is nothing you need to do during this process we will complete everything in the background and your new certificate will automatically renew itself before it expires. If the process fails you’ll receive a separate email with more information asking you to contact our support team. Please note that if you have set up email using ‘mail.domain.com’ on a Let’s Encrypt SSL when the change is made you’ll need to click ‘yes’ to acknowledge a warning that the SSL has changed though you’ll only need to do this one time for each mailbox.