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@mritzmann Although there’s let’s encrypt on the source page, there is no place mentions LE is automatically requested & renewed… Please add that to the page and provide me the link in order for me to add snowflake back.

The Letsencrypt certificate can be activated in the web interface with a tick. It is then automatically requested, regularly renewed and monitored.


The option also makes:

  • Redirect from http to https
  • HSTS

It is also possible to activate the same setting via YAML configuration.

See: https://docs.snowflakeops.ch/5-0-stable/services/website.html#automated-certificate-management-environment-acme-let-s-encrypt

"ssl_acme":    "true"

They are renewed automatically as soon as they expire in under 30 days



Tiger Technologies (tigertech.net) is marked as “1 (Manual Actions needed)”, which is outdated. We automatically obtain and install them for hosting customers nowadays. See https://support.tigertech.net/ssl-certificates , “We automatically obtain, install and renew a Let’s Encrypt certificate for all hosting customers where possible.”

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Robert Mathews, Tiger Technologies


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I use asphostportal, and they fully support Let’s Encrypt.


Cityhost.ua supports Let’s Encrypt in all tariff plans. Please add to the list!



According to this page, it’s said to be semi-automated. Is that changed now? Or users still need to wait 24 hours (or less)?

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We’ve updated our product page to include Let’s Encrypt certificates (tab: Security):

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Hi @stevenzhu, here is the blog post. https://www.hostmywebsite.online/blog/how-we-issue-ssl-certificates/