Web Hosting who support Let's Encrypt


stinpriza.org (tech collective based in greece) offers support for lets encrypt certs in all its web hosting plans, with Virtualmin control panel. since 03/2016. link (in greek) : https://stinpriza.org/pistopiitika-asfalia/


Please add Fourth Estate’s Scoop.Host to the Full Support list.


RAIDBOXES.de / RAIDBOXES.io supports Lets Encrypt since two years ago with one click installation.


Hello, Here at RelateHost (https://relatehost.com) also supports Let’s Encrypt certificates for both shared and reseller hosting packages with cPanel.


lfchosting.com supports Let’s Encrypt. Source: https://account.lfchosting.com/knowledgebase.php?action=displayarticle&id=176


https://xmission.com supports Let’s Encrypt for our thousands of shared webhosting customers via the Plesk Control Panel


Server-Daten now supports Letsencrypt.

Actually not via *.server-daten.de (most customers use only their subdomain), there is an old wildcard-certificate.

But if a customer sets the a-record of his own domain to server-daten.de: So he want’s to use his web database under the own domain.

Then a Letsencrypt-certificate is created, with http / https redirect. Http isn’t longer an option.

Source: The News- and the Datenschutz-Page.


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CharlesWorks has been proud to be a hosting provider that enables Let’s Encrypt and Redirect HTTP->HTTPS by Default. We provide all of our WordPress and other CMS websites access via our DirectAdmin servers at no additional monthly charge for SSL through Let’s Encrypt.

We’d appreciate being on your provider’s list.


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Hugespace a Is Not Listed. hugespace.tk


Hello, could You please add Webhosting1st https://www.webhosting1st.com/ to the list please? We have added Let’s encript plugin to the Direct Admin from the very beginning. It allow to create certs with only few clicks.


DM Solutions officially supports Let’s Encrypt on current hosting plans.


Hey @StopSpazzing,
starting this Week all new Hostings with us are gonna be redirected HTTP --> HTTPS by default.
Requesting addition to “Providers that Enable Let’s Encrypt and Redirect HTTP->HTTPS by Default” List - thx! :wink:

Futureweb OG [https://www.futureweb.at/] (in German)

thx, bye from Austria
Andreas Schnederle-Wagner
Futureweb OG


https://csoft.net has had official support for Let’s Encrypt since February 2017, and provides an installation guide at: https://www.csoft.net/howto/letsencrypt.


Recently we started installing Let’s Encrypt SSL on clients request. Our website is https://myvpshost.org.

We have also added on blog on how to install SSL on cpanel server. You can view the blog at this link: https://www.myvpshost.org/blog/how-to-install-ssl-on-cpanel-server/


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Mythic Beasts (https://www.mythic-beasts.com/) also allows the option to redirect http to https, and that has been the default for some time (Source: https://blog.mythic-beasts.com/2018/02/12/chrome-to-brand-non-https-sites-as-insecure-time-to-click-the-button/ )


I just wanted to let everyone know that the list above can be updated to include HostGator which, now finally supports and includes Let’s Encrypt on most, if not all of their hosting plans. :slight_smile:



That’s great news; for users of some of its plans, that was one of the thorniest providers to make Let’s Encrypt useful on in the past!

Unfortunately, the Discourse software apparently only has this crocodile emoji :crocodile: rather than an alligator.


Wurpe (https://wurpe.com) has a Let’s Encrypt certificate preinstalled on all plans along with a Let’s Encrypt tool within the panel that automatically renews certificates. Could we be added to the list?