Web Hosting who support Let's Encrypt


Viewen.com supports it


MochaHost supports Let’s Encrypt (LE).

I can confirm this, as I just enabled LE on my domain (junktext.com) via their cPanel.



Flywheel has supported LetsEncrypt since 2016. Could you please add?



At Host My Website Online, we use to support and encourage Let’s Encrypt.
Installation and HTTP to HTTPS redirection are semi-automated.


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GitLab has plans to support Let’s Encrypt out of the box:


We supported letsencrypt - https://timeweb.com. Fully automated, customers just switch on “Let’s Encrypt” for their host and all magic is done behind the scenes.



I see on LetsEncrypt home page that image (Vultr.com) is a major sponsor or donor for LetsEncrypt.

Their documentation also describes steps to setup LetsEncrypt e.g., https://www.vultr.com/docs/setup-lets-encrypt-with-apache-on-ubuntu-16-04

But Vultr is not listed here. @StopSpazzing could you please add Vultr to this list?

PS: I am a Vultr customer.


Hi @StopSpazzing,

Any idea when we can be added?


Any idea when bluehost.in cloud hosting have Let’s Encrypt.


SeedVPS also supports Let’s Encrypt!


Hey guys,

Pagely can be moved from Planned to Supports Let’s Encrypt - https://support.pagely.com/hc/en-us/articles/115003969272


I just spoke to HostGator support and was assured they have NO plans to offer Let’s Encrypt.


How about Z.com? Do they support Let’s Encrypt?


@rocktechnologies, seemingly not. At least their description of the feature indicates that users have to pay extra and that their certificate providers are all GlobalSign brands:


So I expect Z.com isn’t supporting Let’s Encrypt for its hosting plans here.


InMotionHosting now allows setup on Dedicated, VPS or Shared Server type hosting plans. Basically any of their plans with SSH access.



Now added to Plesk hosting also ,on cpanel available from last year…www.nelsahost.com


Very good list of web hosting providers with Let’s Encrypt Support, in fact I use one of among them Cloudways for my Joomla website and it’s free too, see: https://www.cloudways.com/blog/lets-encrypt-free-ssl-on-cloud/


I have just signed up and would like to be added to the Hosting providerslist.
Could you please update my status so that I may do so.

I’m also please to say that my first test cert was successful.



Ifastnet.com does support for shared hosting via its cpanel. It can be done for domain