Web Hosting who support Lets Encrypt


Perhaps a note like the above, followed by “the hosts listed below are known to provide automated support through included control panels” or some such distinction.


Please add weconnectit.se (swedish site) we have a server called webspring.se that supports Lets Encrypt! :slight_smile:


@Patches or someone else…

Now I have another doubt but I create a topic for it.


I think it doesn’t really make sense to list VPS-only providers, since as you say, anyone can use Let’s Encrypt on a VPS without any special support from the provider. However, like @Patches said, if the provider offers supported control panel service preinstalled on their VPSes, and that control panel software is set up to make Let’s Encrypt easy, that makes sense for inclusion.

If a service charges extra for certificates from Let’s Encrypt, I think it still makes sense to include them, but with an asterisk or in a different section that notes the fact that it costs extra.

Thanks so much for working on this list!


In the list above is stated that Hosteurope has no support for Let’s Encrypt. In the Plesk powered hosting packages it is possible. Here is a short tutorial (in german language): https://www.hosteurope.de/blog/ssl-zertifikate-zum-schutz-von-e-mails/


Mittwald (agency- and reseller-oriented German host) has a seamless integration.


Can anyone check byet.host if it’s supported?


Our hosting provider, hosthero.com, said, “Our servers do support LetsEncrypt certificates however renewing the certificate will be your responsibility as our servers do not have the means to update the certificates.” Sounds lame.


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Your image indicated only one host offering free certs, and those aren’t from Let’s Encrypt (that host is almost certainly infringing Google’s trademarks, but that’s a separate issue). Flagged (again, as this is at least the second time you’ve posted this image to this thread) as spam.


In Brazil, KINGHOST offers the LE for free in its plans.