Web Hosting who support Let's Encrypt


Freeded is Support Lets Encrypt.


I asked Namecheap to implement Let’s Encrypt. I got this response.

"The Let’s Encrypt SSL script can be tested with Namecheap hosting. But, unfortunately, since this is a third-party product, we might not be able to troubleshoot any issues on the way.

Additionally, we would like to emphasize that free SSL certificates are not subjects to any business or company validation, therefore it is not recommended to consider them for any business entity."

Wondering what Let’s Encrypt Thoughts are on this?

Confused as to why they don’t automatically support it, as they support https://www.eff.org/ and https://www.fightforthefuture.org/.
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Since March 2016, Funio is proud to support and offer Let’s Encrypt to all of its customers and on all of its plans.
It is integrated in every cPanel we deploy and customers can install certificates in only a few clicks.


I don’t see WEEBLY… ?.. weebly.com


Hi there! At Presslabs every WordPress site gets a LE certificate by default. Here is the official announcement, back in 2016


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M3Server managed web hosting supports LetsEncrypt with auto renewals.


Jump.BG provides Let’s encrypt for all clients and accounts by default.
Actually we have supported Let’s Encrypt for quite a time, but now we activated it for all our users and accounts, so anyone can have SSL for free :slight_smile:
Here is the info -> https://www.jump.bg/ssl.html
(in Bulgarian :blush: )


Thanks @ServerGeek however, M3Server is charging for LE certs; aka paywall for a free service.


@hib - I 100% agree with you and had same annoying and confusing argument with them with those same points. Seems like they care more about money in the end, which is why I left them 2 years ago.
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@Funio - I have added you to the list. Thanks for your LE support.
@J_van_Es - All VPS/Dedicated server hosting support LE since you get root access. Therefore, this website wont be added. :frowning:


It is not a fee for the letencrypt ssl it is a small fee to manage the renewals since they are every 90 days and provide insurance client has no management what so ever of the ssl certificate. Thank you for your feedback.


If you checkout the VPS Pro option a managed letsencrypt ssl certificate is 100% free.


@ServerGeek All VPS/Dedicated hosting have root access to install LE if they wish. A fee to manage an automated system behind a free SSL cert seems very paywall like… :upside_down_face: I’m not trying to argue or tell you how to run a business, just trying to provide honesty when it comes to providing Free SSL from LE.


No worries at all. Our clients prefer that we manage all aspects of server including ssl monitoring. We are enterprise class managed hosting company since 1996. We are in process of becoming a major sponsor and donator to letsencrypt as its an amazing product for all types of users.


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So seems there is some confusion going on here on who should or shouldn’t be on the list, and I would like feedback.

All VPS/Dedicated/Managed hosting, by their very nature, “should” support LE. So should they be included? Several people are trying to say they support LE but are behind a paywall, charging money for what is a free automated system for providing SSL certs or they only support LE on “Higher Tier” packages. I believe personally in both these cases they shouldn’t be on the list. But technically they do support LE.

What are people’s thoughts?


I think managed hosting that supports Let’s Encrypt automatically from their control panel should be listed regardless of whether they are shared tenancy or not. The list is labeled “Web Hosting Providers who Support Let’s Encrypt” and includes a few basic providers like WordPress.com in addition to standard shared hosting, so I don’t see any reason why these more heavyweight providers couldn’t be added to the current list as well.

If someone provides unmanaged hosting, but installs certbot or another ACME client by default and offers support for using it, then perhaps they deserve to be listed in a special VPS section. But if they just let you use apt, then they don’t “support Let’s Encrypt” any more than they “support FORTRAN”.

Maybe just list them with a note about the fee they charge? They won’t look so attractive next to hundreds that don’t charge for the same service. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Perhaps a note like the above, followed by “the hosts listed below are known to provide automated support through included control panels” or some such distinction.


Please add weconnectit.se (swedish site) we have a server called webspring.se that supports Lets Encrypt! :slight_smile:


@Patches or someone else…

Now I have another doubt but I create a topic for it.