Web Hosting who support Let's Encrypt


https://hostdrop.eu supports letsencrypt! Its a free web hosting provider with a very easy panel.


Heart Internet (www.heartinternet.co.uk) in the UK do not support Lets Encrypt and have no current plans to. (This is on their standard shared hosting).

Their exact response was…
Unfortunately LetsEncrypt is not something we are currently looking to support, it may happen in the future however it would be quite far down the line, this facility is already in use on our VPS and dedicated servers however there are no plans currently for our shared platform.


LeadHoster will support Let’s Encrypt soon:


sHost.ca supports LE, it is clearly stated on their homepage (issuance is automatic)



The austrian hosting company Domaintechnik® and the german hosting company alldomains.hosting also support Let´s Encrypt certificates. The certificates can be activated with just a few clicks in the Hosting Control Panel.


just found this on media temples site, nothing for gridservers that i can see



Kindly help us add Limenex Web Hosting to the list as I am unable to edit the first post. Thank you! :slight_smile:


Hi @Limenex,




BoltN Hosting (boltn-hosting.com) is autoissuing and redirecting to HTTPS


HostMetro doesn’t supports LE. I got this information via email reply from customer support.

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AWS Cloudfront doesn’t support Lets Encrypt?


I don’t know if AWS provides automatic certificates to your own CNAME using Cloudfront service.


AWS ACM will certainly issue free and automatically renewing certificates for any domain you can validate ownership of, including of Cloudfront CNAMEs. However they use their own CA, not Let’s Encrypt.


Hmmm Thank you for your answer.
I’ll studying how to do this in my Ec2 instances too with ElasticBeanstalk.

Well, I can upload to S3 and CloudFront but not generate from certbot to ElasticBeanstalk.

Someone can help me with this please?



Please add Hoop.la by Social Strata to the list of service providers.
This is the link to our post about how to get Free “Let’s Encrypt” Security For Your Community.
We provide Let’s Encrypt certificates and HTTP to HTTPS redirection.

Thank you!

Social Strata


Recently I have purchased a shared hosting plan with https://www.webhostinguk.com/webhosting/shared-hosting.html , this guys also offered me letsencrypt SSL with shared plan.





Thank you @Patches
I known this and I’m be able to do this now :slight_smile:


German Webhost Kontent (http://www.kontent.com/) also supports Let’s Encrypt. :slight_smile: Couldn’t test it tho since I only use their Domain-Services.


Swedish Host Loopia supports LE. Manually added by their support. Email them and all NIX-sites will have automatically in your account.