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Cloudcity (a Finnish web hosting service, www.cloudcity.fi) provides “one-click” Letsencrypt activation via control panel.

More information in Finnish: https://www.cloudcity.fi/domainit/#ssl

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Rauli, Cloudcity


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http://vapourhost.com has started supporting Let’s Encrypt. I can verify that. My site http://iamsohan.in is currently using Let’s Encrypt and it’s been enabled through cPanel.


“As far as LetsEncrypt, we do not currently have any plans to partner with them or to introduce LetsEncrypt to our environment.”

From: Midphase.com


ihor.ru (Russian lowcost hosting provider with own data-center) launched free SSL certificates based on Let’s Encrypt for all hosting customers. It’s well integrated in cpanel as well and in other current versions control panel such as VestaCP or ISPmanager (with integrated software templates)


I had a chat with Freeola; no support planned:

Question : Do you support LetsEncrypt SSL certificates? Do I have shell access to my site?
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[18:06] Simon: Unfortunately we do not currently support LetsEncrypt, although it is something that has been considered offering the future (no more info on that one at this point however)
[18:06] Simon: And no unfortunately we do not allow shell access to the site hosting. All control is managed via the MyFreeola control panel itself.
[18:07] J: Is the Freeola control panel a rebadged cPanel, or something different?
[18:08] Simon: It’s a fully customised, bespoke control panel. No cPanel features at present.
[18:10] J: That was helpful of you and disappointing information for me. I won’t take any more of your time but thanks for the clarity. J
[18:10] Simon: Not a problem, happy to help.


MicroHost Support Lets Encrypt SSL on All Shared Hosting Services.


https://monstermedia.hu also has integration with Let’s Encrypt. Would you please add it? (Additional proof: https://monstermedia.hu/index.php?op=ng&state=mc-features)


@StopSpazzing Any Update? Web Hosting who support Lets Encrypt


Godaddy has provided a guide to installing Let’s Encrypt on a VPS and Dedicated Servers. Here is the link to the install guide for Apache servers: https://www.godaddy.com/help/install-a-lets-encrypt-ssl-apache-20245


That’s not really relevant to this list. This is for companies that integrate with Let’s Encrypt. Any VPS can use Let’s Encrypt, but their shared hosting plans provide no support, and you must manually apply renewed certificates every time.


Thank you, @mooremike, but this only applies to their virtual machines, not to shared hosting. GoDaddy has no intention at this stage of supporting it, presumably because GoDaddy is itself a direct supplier of certificates, and Let’s Encrypt is a direct competitor.


Should I do my request to “Talk to a human” in clever-cloud.com console ? :slight_smile:


We support LE. The Site Hosting Co.



My work has Let’s Encrypt via Plesk. it works good :slight_smile:

Here is our site https://www.weconnectit.se (swedish site)

I fully support LE but my boss think it dosent do it the “right” way.

i hope i can convince him that this is good.


I learned this weekend that FreeHostia.com supports LE (http://forum.freehostia.com/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=65895) and it was really quick and easy to set up.


Hi, at xcobean.com , we also support lets encrypt, on one click install and have an option to redirect traffic to https


Inleed[1], Oderland[2], Surftown[3][4], and Zoner[5] all offer Let’s Encrypt on their shared hosting plans.

  1. https://www.inleed.se/webbhotell/
  2. https://www.oderland.se/blogg/lets-encrypt-1-klick-installation/
  3. https://controlpanel.surftown.com/knowledgebase/article/314/how-do-i-enable-https-on-my-website&languagechange=English
  4. https://controlpanel.surftown.com/knowledgebase/article/293/how-do-i-enable-https-on-my-wordpress-website&languagechange=English
  5. https://www.zoner.fi/lets-encrypt-ilmainen-ssl-sertifikaatti/


re-host.eu is also enabling letsencrypt by default :slight_smile: