Web Hosting who support Let's Encrypt


I have enabled automated certificate generation through Let’s Encrypt for our shared hosting product.
Certificates are created on the fly as per the first request to the hostname, and are of course automatically renewed.

I have posted on https://hosting.i24.nl/#GEAVANCEERDE_BEVEILIGING for it ans send it to all our customers about the Let’s Encrypt solution for secure websites.

We would love to be included in the list!
We are a Dutch hosting provider.

Kind regards,

Ron Tuk
i24 ICT BV


Hi, https://www.domainhizmetleri.com/ have full Let’s Encrypt support.




Company: Pixel X e.K.
Website: https://www.pixelx.de/

we integrated automated Let’s Encrypt support for all our shared Cloud Webhosting, Reseller Cloud Hosting Products and Cloud Server as well which are all based on Plesk Onyx. We would appreciate it to be added to this list.

Thanks a lot, have a great day!
Michael Rottmann


@StopSpazzing: Can you also add this? :slight_smile:


@StopSpazzing Hope you did not overlook my post :slight_smile:



Can you add https://scriptcase.host


@StopSpazzing could you please add:

Micusto Cloud is a Web Hosting Provider with Let’s Encrypt Support, and automated HTTP->HTTPS redirects (danish)


…and how exactly is this relevant to a thread on web hosts who support Let’s Encrypt? Or did you just join to spam other services?


According to our experience these providers are really good in support lets encrypt…


Just want to toss our hat into the ring. We also fully support Let’s Encrypt on our hosting platform.


We Contribute & Enable Let’s Encrypt and Redirect HTTP->HTTPS by Default A https://www.dynamichosting.ca (Canadian Web Hosting).



Please add gxtec (www.gxtec.uk) to the list! We support LE for all web hosting packages which include WordPress and Joomla. You can find us on Twitter as well @gxtec

Thank you.


Hostinger.vn support Let’s Encrypt but user need to manual install via SSH


It’s up to other people to decide, but I think we usually didn’t list hosts here if they require a manual step (although having official documentation about how to do it from the host is encouraging, and maybe it should count).


100ws.com have let’s encrypt support, but no official statement about it. Here is a print from their CP with let’s encrypt enabled.


http://clever-cloud.com/ has automated Lets Encrypt support but it’s only available if you ask support. Plan is to have it available to anyone withoug pinging support in the coming months.


iHead.ru supports Let’s Encrypt.


Happy Cloud Solutions has Let’s Encrypt build in as well for every new Wordpress Hosting account


Here at sideservers.com we also support Let’s Encrypt certificates for both shared and reseller hosting packages with Plesk and Cpanel.


We don’t see that GearHost has been added to the list. We have hundreds of certs issued through our control panel. All automated using our own software and available APIs.