Web Hosting who support Let's Encrypt


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8Dweb.com has supported Let’s Encrypt on all Hosting platforms (shared to dedicated) since May 2016.


Apex Hosting provides support for Let’s Encrypt in their Business & Developer shared hosting packages.


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Nexcess supports Let’s Encrypt!


Smarterasp.net supports Let’s Encrypt as well. Please add to the list. Thank you.


AmaZili offers Let’s Encrypt free for any site hosting since Let’s Encrypt release :sunglasses: . Thanks for listing us


http://1984hosting.com automatic setup for all shared hosting customers


You could also add the Polish shared hosting provider Vipserv. Here’s their knowledge base article outlining Let’s Encrypt support (in Polish). In essence, one just chooses to enable HTTPS for a given (sub)domain hosted there and selects Let’s Encrypt as the certificate provider. Works automatically, including renewal.


Thanks for compiling this helpful list! Much appreciated.


snowflake Ops AG support also let’s encrypt.

On there Control Panel:



We also support Let’s Encrypt. It is automatically installed with every hosting package.


Thinking this is a good idea. This list was great when barely any hosting supported it, to point fingers and get hosting companies to join the https revolution. Maybe a split list, leave this here and create another to point fingers as hosting companies that are either too lazy or don’t care enough about security, which is sad when this is free and is a plugin for cPanel. One thing I do like about this list, is that it gives people options, to choose what hosting they need without worry they wont have Let’s Encrypt support. Competition also drives prices down :smiley: which is a win for consumers like me.

I could either:

  • Create a new post with hosting that doesn’t support Let’s Encrypt then add the link here at end of post and move current non supportive hosting there.


  • Create a public Github repository with public edit access, would be a simple readme; then add the link here at end of post and move current non supportive hosting there.

On a side note:
Could also setup a simple app that can pull from this list and lets you tweet/facebook message/etc a prebuilt but editable message to these companies to get them to get their act together.

I want to thank everyone for helping with this list and for all the wonderful hosting companies who have stepped up and added support for Let’s Encrypt. I have received many PM’s and I am going though them in the next few days and will be adding them to the list.:+1:


more is usually better…
I’m thinking two lists may be better than just one.
One for known working providers (this list) and one with known failures (new list).
And maybe periodically cross check the two lists for consistency.
Although, there may be cases where the same HSP could be on both lists: On this list for maybe their VPS offerings and on the other list for their shared hosting services…


I can verify that 1and1.co.uk (also stylised as 1&1 UK) fully supports Let’s Encrypt. I am currently using it on the Plesk control panel. It can be accessed via the Plesk panel in the webspace options!

I can also confirm using the manual .htaccess method works without issue. I cannot confirm if this is the case on 1and1.com (US) or other 1and1 regions.

Installing Let's Encrypt on a 1and1 hosted site

As stated in my original post, all vps/dedicated have ability to install the software and run on a cron job, therefore listing them is redundant.

No Support list: https://github.com/stopspazzing/Web-Hosting-who-dont-support-Lets-Encrypt


I have added it to the list, thanks.


Hello appreciate the idea of a list of hosts that support Let’s Encrypt, Softnet Solutions Ltd is a kenyan Web Hosting company and has offered Let’s Encrypt standard on all plans.


WHM/CPanel has supported Let’s Encrypt since Jan 2016 via an Addon (see https://blog.cpanel.com/announcing-cpanel-whms-official-lets-encrypt-with-autossl-plugin/). After adding the Addon (at the moment it must be done via a Linux command), it is managed by the AutoSSL page at WHM > SSL/TLS > Manage AutoSSL. Note: AutoSSL also supports free certificates from Comodo. WHM/CPanel is a pioneer in supporting free SSL/TLS everywhere, thanks to the enormous demand from their customers.