Web Hosting who support Let's Encrypt


This is for a list that support Let’s Encrypt officially, that is they enable a plugin or module that handles the renewal automatically. You’re correct that with most providers, you can simply upload your own certificate, but this would require manual intervention every couple months - not really the idea of ACME in general.


I appreciate everyone loves lets encrypt. We Host Dhaka is a bangladesh web hosting provider and it’s offering let’s encrypt on all plans. with advantages of let’s encrypt customers satisfaction is 100%


MDDHosting has offered Let’s Encrypt via CPanel since April 2016. It’s been working for me on multiple domains for over a year now.



Common people…you can use lets encrypt with any provider…go to SSL section in cPanel and click on install SSL…there you can upload or paste any SSL…ofcourse before you have to obtain SSL…for that first generate CSR and private key on own server…and obtain SSL with that CSR…So if provider doesn’t offer one click SSL installation …you can still install any SSL you want…For Plesk panel got to SSL section and click add new SSL…but again first step is to generate CSR …ca authorities offer you to paste CSR or to fill form and in that case they will provide SSL and key…but I suggest you to generate CSR and key on your server…


The german open source provider Hostsharing.net supports Let’s Encrypt. In July 2017 the process has been automaticated so that Let’s Encrypt certificates can easily be installed via mouse click:


Hi @lancer,

The original idea of this page was to highlight providers who are making their support for Let’s Encrypt more official by letting the entire process be done inside a control panel, performing it automatically for every customer, or something along those lines. It’s certainly true that there are more do-it-yourself options that will also work on some hosts, but we wanted to give credit here to those that have chosen to have official support.

There are also some hosts that require human intervention from the hosting provider’s support to install a certificate, or that have no way to allow customers to use third-party certificates at all. So it wouldn’t be fair to say that people have this option with every provider. We’ve heard on this forum from people who were told that the only supported method was to buy a certificate through the provider’s reseller partner.


Please add our hosting service to “Providers that Enable Let’s Encrypt and Redirect HTTP->HTTPS by Default”

We just finished installing and testing a few days ago. We believe this is an absolute essential service for any web site. It is now on all of our shared hosting servers and will be as we continue to grow. It only makes sense.

our company has two separate web hosting sites aimed at different markets - hosting.express and webbie.express and both of them now have Let’s Encrypt by default for all existing and future accounts.


Netsons.com is now supporting lets encrypt…


Profi Webspace in Germany supports Lets Encrypt.


Look at
https://www.profi-webspace.com/hosting —> SSL-Information


Ukrainian hosting “Ukraine” https://www.ukraine.com.ua have fully supported Let`s Encrypt on shared hosting in 2015 ( https://www.ukraine.com.ua/news/hosting/besplatnie-ssl-sertifikati-ot-let-s-encrypt.html ).


Let’s Encrypt certificates installed by default on all new domains and sub-domains at https://www.inspedium.com . We’re currently in the process of adding certs for all existing clients as well! :slight_smile:

https://twitter.com/ZahidSindhu/status/916993348975644673 - Press Release to follow soon!


https://www.lightningbase.com is a dedicated Wordpress host that supports lets encrypt, with one-click installation and automatic renewal of certificates.




All our shared hosting accounts come with free Lets Encrypt SSL automated via cPanel.




Is this list just for generic web hosting, or is e-commerce hosting also in scope? I ask because Volusion, an e-commerce host, charges $89 per year for its own CA or a $99 fee to bring your own certificate. (Source) I haven’t asked support whether installation of a renewed certificate for the same SAN set from the same CA also incurs the $99 fee; if it does, renewal every 73 days becomes cost-prohibitive.


Veridyen supports Lets Encrypt for main domain and all subdomains since 7 months. One click installation and automatic renewal of certificates.



Pride Tech Design offers fully managed VPS hosting for $10/mo, which comes pre-configured with WordPress and Let’s Encrypt SSL free of charge. By default, all traffic is redirected to https.

Also included with each plan is a fully configured E-mail server, Webmin control panel, Webmail by Rainloop, and all of these are configured to use Let’s Encrypt SSL by default.

Additional software such as phpMyAdmin or phpList are available upon request. Registered non-profits receive a special discount.


As this list will surely grow and grow and grow.
Should we start an opposite list: Web Hosting who don’t support Lets Encrypt ?
That list may be shorter and should be shrinking everyday.


You could add Tech and Me to the list: https://shop.techandme.se/index.php/product-category/hosting/

I’m the owner.


is anyone allowed to edit the original post to insert new hosting company? or need to post here and OP will update it?

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@PinoBatch HostGator also charges a similar fee, and it’s very annoying.

If you’re looking for an e-commerce provider that does support Let’s Encrypt, Shopify is probably the most popular one. I’ll add it to the list.

EDIT: in the interest of being fair, I reviewed SitePoint’s top 10 list of ecommerce providers for others that might support Let’s Encrypt. In addition to Shopify, both Wix and Squarespace integrate with Let’s Encrypt and were already listed. Additionally, BigCommerce offers free SSL certificates, but they are supplied by Symantec’s Encryption Everywhere program.