Web Hosting who support Let's Encrypt



Hostenko.com has finally integrated Let`s Encrypt into their control panel :smiley:


Hi, guys i registered my new web i get content with namecheap and i i am hosting it on blogger is it possible to use ssl on blogger a service by google.com


I’m not sure, but looking at


they say

Note: HTTPS is currently not available for custom domain blogs.

I would suggest contacting Blogger support to find out if this is still true.


GURU Cloud Hosting (UK Based) fully supports Lets Encrypt automatically on all services (Shared, Reseller and Dedicated) - https://www.guru.co.uk


WinsHosting, a Leading Pakistan Located Web Hosting and domain registration provider allows free SSL @ https://www.winshosting.com/web-hosting-shared.html with any shared hosting account against every sub domain via Lets encrypt SSL authority,


Can you please add https://unlimitedwebhosting.co.uk to the list that does support Let’s Encrypt? I can verify they do support it.


https://www.ukraine.com.ua/ is also a web hosting provider with Let’s Encrypt support, but did not find it in the list. Yesterday just pressed apply for LE certificate from control panel and got it within 10 hours for my website.


I’m guessing the first post will never be updated, but GlowHost has been supporting LE since it’s beta. It’s available in every control panel.


Hello guys! Crucial Hosting also supports Lets Encrypt https://www.crucialhosting.com (the certificate is generated automatically, I’d honestly would like to have a section on cpanel, to have easier control, but it works). When using cloudflare the certificate doesn’t renew automatically, so far is what I know). Cheers


Profihost AG from Hannover in Germany started supporting Let’s Encrypt on their Shared Hosting plans some weeks ago. I already use it in production. It is awesome! :heart_eyes:


I read the blog of host providers that offer LE support. I did not see my hosting service listed (hostek.com), but contacted them and YES, HOSTEK DOES SUPPORT LE!!! :slight_smile:

Please add hostek.com to the list of host providers that support LE. And THANK YOU for what you do. All I had to do was ask hostek about LE support, and they took care of everything. Awesome!!!


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Hi @WolfShade, I’m not sure who is taking care of updating this list, but I moved your post to this thread because previous requests to add providers have been getting posted directly in this existing thread.

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Thank you, @schoen. Much appreciated.


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Pressable - they state on their site that they provide free SSL certificates from Let’s Encrypt. Didn’t see on this page. Can’t confirm this though.


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How does that work? I would like to add FlokiNET.


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I don’t see how they can stop you using any SSL you want.Cpanes has section for SSL menagment and there you can install any SSL you want.I don’t know even one hosting company that provision hosting with cPanel and without SSL menagment feature…if your host has disabled this it would be first I know and than you should look for other hosting provider.