Web Hosting who support Let's Encrypt


You can add Pantheon to the planned list - currently in beta: https://pantheon.io/docs/free-https/


Can you add Bytemark to your list, please?

Their software supports Let’s Encrypt out of the box, https://blog.bytemark.co.uk/2016/03/01/lets-encrypt-with-symbiosis


You have A2Hosting listed under LE support, and their KB indicates there is an option for LE - but it is not shown under Reseller Hosting panels! Support was fairly quick and they setup LE on the main account, and I thought they would fix it so I could setup LE on my dozens of client domains - but not. I’m having to ask them to setup each and every individual domain - which is not worth the effort.


Webhuset enables Let’s Encrypt and redirect HTTP->HTTPS by default for all new domains (for both Linux and Windows hosting). For existing domains one can enable it with a few clicks in our control panel.

Blog post only in Norwegian unfortunately:

Manual Install on Green Geeks

Just noticed that SollHost is providing free Lets Encrypt certificates in their cPanel. Could you add them to your list? Thanks.


Hi love the idea of a list of hosts that support Let’s Encrypt, below are our details and how we love Let’s Encrypt.

Conetix is an Australian Web Hosting company and has offered Let’s Encrypt standard on all plans since June 2016 (you can read our announcement here ). This includes all shared hosting as well as VPS plans, as we provide Let’s Encrypt pre-installed and ready to go. We also have HTTP/2 standard as well, to ensure the fastest possible SSL encryption.


Please include jollyworkshosting.com, I have visited it but have not tried yet.https://clients.jollyworkshosting.com


TMDHosting Supports SSL fully. 1 click installation.
Link: TMDHosting
Source: Source


Jelastic supports Let’s Encrypt and offers add-on for its automated installation.
Here is a link to GitHub project with Let’s Encrypt add-on description https://github.com/jelastic-jps/lets-encrypt
And here is the link to the site of Jelastic https://jelastic.com/
Please add it to the list.


The German Webhoster “lima-city” (https://www.lima-city.de) also supports Let’s Encrypt. By creating subdomains, they will automatically issue a cert and activate HTTP > HTTPS redirect.



We are a web hosting in France, PHPNET FRANCE, who supports Let’s Encrypt.
Let’s Encrypt is integrated into your customer Panel in a click, for all domains/subdomains hosted.


Would like to anounce that Canadian Domain Name Services Inc.'s hosting service supports LetsEncrypt. Home page: https://www.cadns.ca/ This can also be added to the Canadian list


Cirrus Tech is a Canadian Web / Cloud Hosting provider and we are happy to announce, Let’s Encrypt is enabled on all our new Shared Website Hosting (cPanel and Plesk) plans and fully automated.

Please add us to the list:


I’m very surprised that Media Temple is not on this list. A search in their support site indicates they do support LE and have posted instruction how to get it installed.



We’re no longer in beta!

Let’s Encrypt-based HTTPS is now included for every site created on Pantheon as part of our Global CDN roll-out. Deployment to existing sites is happening in stages (because we have a site count in the six figures), but we’re happy to turn it on immediately if a someone requests it.

Pantheon’s support is automated: we run the cert bot, manage private keys, manage renewals, and manage certificate deployments (in our case, to a CDN) on behalf of sites on the platform.


HostMDS is privately-owned company providing Unlimited Shared Hosting and VPS Hosting services and we are happy to announce that HostMDS fully supports Let’s Encrypt on all services offered. Visit us at:


Host4Geeks India - https://host4geeks.in
Let’s Encrypt across all plans.


NelsaHost supports Let’s Encrypt on all hosting plans,VPS and dedicated servers,


Dutch provider PC-Extreme is also delivering Let’s Encrypt on its shared hosting.



Hello appreciate the idea of a list of hosts that support Let’s Encrypt,
ExonHost is a Bnagladesh Web Hosting company
and has offered Let’s Encrypt standard on all plans.