Web Hosting who support Let's Encrypt


My host VeeroTech Systems is not listed here, but I have installed the Let’s Encrypt certificate through their cPanel.


Any american based hosting providers that are free and support Let’s Encrypt?
Broke currently and using GoDaddy, and they are making my head spin trying to get this set up.
Need a secure connection asap to begin selling via my website.


help99.de support it through plesk panel plugin Let,s Encrypt


@Native – check out VeeroTech. They are based in North Carolina.

Edit: Ooops! Sorry, they are not FREE, but very reasonably priced.


RRPproxy, domaindiscount24 and Moniker do also offer free Let’s Encrypt certificates since March 2017!


Can you add hosting4real.net ?

It’s listed as supported under: https://hosting4real.net/en/services/webhosting (“every plan comes with”)

We supported it since the day Let’s Encrypt became public beta


https://www.bigscoots.com fully supports LE on all services offered.


We also have Let’s Encrypt integrated into cPanel & have for quite some time now. https://www.veerotech.net


mint.rs does not plan to support Lets Encrypt.


Kualo (https://www.kualo.com) supports Let’s Encrypt . It can be enabled on all domains/subdomains hosted in a click.


Hello everyone,

PHPNET (https://www.phpnet.org/) supports also Let’s Encrypt (integrated into your customer Panel in a click, for all domains/subdomains hosted) :


See you.


At ChemiCloud, we’re fully supporting Let’s Encrypt from day one. And it is fully automated.


“Hospedaje y Dominios” http://www.hospedajeydominios.com fully automated with their DirectAdmin panel.


ICDSoft is also supporting Let’s Encrypt.
Source: https://www.icdsoft.com/en/news/security/lets-encrypt-ssl


Hi All,

Trans-iX from the Netherlands has fully automated Lets Encrypt with their DirectAdmin webservers.

With kind regards,

Trans-iX Team


Reclaim Hosting supports Lets Encrypt: https://reclaimhosting.com/free-ssl-certificates-now-available/

(I’m a customer; I’ve had no trouble at all getting HTTPS set up through their CPanel.)


You can (finally) add InMotion Hosting (VPS) to the list: http://imgur.com/a/4QfEQ

(though Support doesn’t know or doesn’t want me to know - spent an hour on the phone about root-access, PuTTy, shell and what not - only by sheer luck I found LE in cPanel - they never announced it either - probably still want to sell their $99 certs, but demand (and endless support tickets) convinced them this was a good idea?)

It only installs 3-month certs - is that default cPanel? Or IMH? How do I set it to auto-renew?

Thanks for providing this service - making the web a safer place.


That’s all Let’s Encrypt issues.


godaddy does not support Let’s Encrypt . i am trying to add to my website www.freejobs-alert.com . godaddy only support only paid ssc certificates . can tell me anyone how i can add this to Godaddy web hosting .


@pareshnamo380, please start a separate topic about this question. This topic is meant for collecting a list of who does support Let’s Encrypt, not for answering support questions.