Web Hosting who support Let's Encrypt


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@Admin ,

Please add http://Nestify.io to the list.

Nestify Support Lets Encrypt on all shared hosting and VPS plans. Please add Nestify on list “Web Hosting who support Lets Encrypt.”

P.S Source Lets Encrypt Support




Please add Hetzner South Africa to the list of Web Hosting Providers with Let’s Encrypt support:
Hetzner.co.za (Source) – Free automated SSL enabled by default for all websites (not automatically redirected to SSL at this stage, but planned to in future)




Lima City supports Let’s Encrypt since a while.
Source (German): https://blog.lima-city.de/2016/11/updates-nr-00001001-9/
In this blog post, Lima City announces problems with Let’s Encrypt which temporarily occured at the time around the 17th of November 2016.



Please add HostXNow to both

“Providers that Enable Let’s Encrypt and Redirect HTTP->HTTPS by Default”


“Web Hosting Providers with Let’s Encrypt Support”

Thank you!



TSOHost.com now has LetsEncrypt Support btw, this needs updating.

My site hosted on TSOHost just offered me it as an option.


https://serverprofis.de , a german webhoster has Let’s Encrypt Support for all Private and Business Accounts.


Good morning

Web Hosting Providers with Let’s Encrypt Support
Here in Brazil, mandic.com.br has Let’s Encrypt Support


You may wish to check SCALAHOSTING.COM

Guess I’ll hafta try the no-ssh option… :slight_smile:


smarthost.pl supports free SSL certyficates - polish hosting comapany supports Let’s encrypt. We also are doing promotions this SSL provider in many local meetings of Joomla!/Wordpress communities in Poland.


Wordpress.com should be under Providers that Enable Let’s Encrypt and Redirect HTTP->HTTPS by Default


Hi, Pressidium (a managed WordPress hosting company) is officially supporting Let’s Encrypt as well :wink:


Hi everyone!
Dinahosting is supporting Let’s Encrypt too.
We provide managed hosting in which the Let’s Encrypt certificates are a free automated feature for our customers.


This italian provider also supports Let’s Encrypt https://www.oneonline.it/notizie/791-certificati-ssl-gratuiti-con-lets-encrypt


Got Letsencrypt SSL on all my websites with Webhost UK , support was excellent requested them via live chat and got it update quit fast.


We (Variomedia AG from Germany) support Let’s Encrypt Certs in our Shared Hosting and Reseller plans: https://www.variomedia.de/go/webhosting.



WebHostGB.com use LetsEncrypt. Offering it out to all customers on our web hosting, reseller hosting and business services plans.

Its a great service and I would highly recommend it to anyone.



Would be good to have a section for hosts that provide automatic certificates through means other than Let’s Encrypt, for example Symantec’s Encryption Everywhere, CPanel AutoSSL or AWS Certificate Manager. My reasoning:

  • The aim of Let’s Encrypt is to increase the proportion of the internet using secure connections (this is one of the key metrics on the stats page), and while those sites may not be using Let’s Encrypt, they are still promoting its ultimate aim of web-hosts providing one/zero-click SSL.

  • The stated purpose of the list is to point out who cares about online privacy, and an additional important use is to help people find providers that support automatic certificate provision. Support for automatic certificates from another provider is as relevant to this purpose as support for Let’s Encrypt.


Savvii Managed WordPress Hosting supports Let’s Encrypt since the begin of february. Source: https://www.savvii.eu/blog/lets-encrypt-now-available/


today, when i checked list… i didn’t see digitalocean in the list, but i remember it was here from last time i check…thank