Web Hosting who support Let's Encrypt


Meine liebe! What a terrible idea…

You can even generate a CSR on that site, including the private key… :scream: How unsafe do you want it?

Unbelievable… :dizzy_face:


generating a csr on your own is more secure. thus you can provide one in the checkout process. generation of the csr on the server-side (optional) is a trade-off. it enables unexperienced users to use ssl encryption on their websites. encryption is better than no encryption. :slightly_smiling:

let me know if you know a better solution for unexperienced users.


Giving unexperienced users a terrible option just for the sake of making it easy doesn’t make it less terrible…

Especially these users should be protected from this kind of insecure options, because they won’t recognise it as insecure.

If an user can’t get a certificate in a secure manner, he or she IMHO shouldn’t be messing with this stuff anyway…


I also have seen the “let the CA make your key” approach at startssl btw.

not that it’s a good option.


Let’s Encrypt has officially landed at Siteground webhosting:


I was able to get an LE certificate installed on my GoDaddy hosted webpage. It did not allow me to import the crt, but pasting the certificate from the exported pem worked fine.


Here’s the response I received from 1and1. It’s a no go with them.


I just put a ECDSA based cert on GoDaddy Linux Economy hosting; the cheapest hosting they have with the least features. They have a SSL/TLS manager right in cPanel I just had to generate the cert on a Ubuntu live system and copy it to their form fields. Redirects and verification are both working.


All-inkl.com now fully supports Lets Encrypt

Source (German): https://notizblog.tripax.de/2016/03/all-inkl-com-jetzt-mit-vollstaendigem-lets-encrypt-support/


EDIS (Austria) does offer Let’s Encrypt SSL starting from March 31, 2016


The German web hosting provider webgo.de also supports Let’s Encrypt now in their web hosting accounts - except of their starter account.
I wrote a blog post about it: Setting up a Let’s Encrypt certificate on a web hosting account at webgo.
There is also a German version.


Online.net offer now https for all web hosting with letsencrypt certificats, enabled by default.

see https://documentation.online.net/en/hebergement-mutualise/gestion-web/ssl

Online.net proposes now the usage of HTTPS on its hostings by default.
HTTPS allows to securize the exchanges between the client (visitor of your site) and the server (our platform)
It usually preferred for online shops, but HTTPS becomes more and more a standard on the web.
The certificate is automatically managed by
It is a new initiative that allows to generate SSL certificates that are known by all browsers and it is free.


German WordPress web hosting with letsencrypt certificats:
—> www.wp-webhosting.de


Hello. NewHostservers.com now also supports Let’s Encrypt Certificates from CPanel for all customers.

Is Let's Encrypt stable now?

Krystal Hosting now provides full automation for issuing/installing/renewing Let’s Encrypt certificates for all shared hosting services.


Doesn’t use Let’s Encrypt but http://hostpoint.ch provides something similar using Symantec’s new Encryption Everywhere programme.


Hello @xxjfe,

Last time I checked the title of this post was Web Hosting who support Lets Encrypt so in my humble opinion your post makes no sense here :confused:.



Fair enough. This thread is useful for people looking for hosts with free HTTPS, so thought it might be a useful inclusion, but understand if the mods don’t think it belongs here.


Wordpress.com now supports it and it’s enabled by default!


I have went through all the posts since my last post, and have added all missing sites which weren’t added yet. :slight_smile:

Hope the list is useful for people!