Web Hosting who support Let's Encrypt


@StopSpazzing You’re welcome!

We’re very happy to have Let’s Encrypt as an option for everyone. The CA system is terribly broken and this is admittedly one step in the right direction.


Thanks for the response StopSpazzing.

I have a Linux box here at my house and I tried generating the test certs off-site. I was fine for generating for my actually domain, JetBBS.com and www.JetBBS.com. The problem was with the cPanel stuff. Generating valid SSL certs for stuff like webmail.JetBBS.com, cpanel.JetBBS.com, etc. Those aren’t subdomains but VirtualHosts. My understanding was I needed access to the actual document root for those VirtualHosts. For example, if I could successfully create a directory, like acme-challenge and put a test.html file in there, and then successfully view that file by going to something like webmail.JetBBS.com/acme-challenge/test.html, I would of been fine. But because I couldn’t do that, I was SOL.

Was I doing something wrong and could I actually of generated valids certs for the cPanel stuff? Thanks!


Have you tried https://gethttpsforfree.com/ ? Just download the page, aka “save as” and run it locally if you are worried about anything, should help you set up for cpanel. I used it for our site which was crappy old CentOS 6.7 and wouldnt let me set it up with cpanel automatically. I havent tried it with virtualhosts but doesnt require the same way as using the .well-known if I remember correctly. Let me know how it works out for you. I will note I ran it on my computer, but ran the required commands on the server to generate the correct information; aka you need ssh access. Click the how do i generate this links to give you the needed info for each field.


Thanks StopSpazzing, but I have no need to use another site. I got the WHM / cPanel all sorted out. I just need to stop Apache before renewing, then restart it afterwards, that’s all. I even got a script now that auto-adds the SSL certs to WHM and installs them for the various services (cPanel, webmail, whm, etc). Thanks though!


WebhostOne GmbH today lauched Let’s Encrypt Support for all customers: https://www.webhostone.de/


Strato.de, one of the top 10 hosting providers in Germany are waiting until the end of the Let’a Encypt beta in order to evaluate possible adoption of LE for customers.
Source (German): https://blog.strato.de/verschluesselte-website-bald-standard/

(updated the Github page too)


We at XiNiX have started offering LE at our US Servers. Initially we have rolled the plugin for Shared Hosting Clients.


We just integrated Let’s Encrypt into our control panel, apnscp, as the default means of securing web sites for clients of Apis Networks. Certificates automatically renew within 10 days of expiration too for a set-it and forget-it setup.


checkdomain launched Let’s Encrypt support for all customers today as well as an easy way for non-customers to create certificates:



Thanks! Just to confirm the integration is seamless and SSL from LE is installed by default.


Meine liebe! What a terrible idea…

You can even generate a CSR on that site, including the private key… :scream: How unsafe do you want it?

Unbelievable… :dizzy_face:


generating a csr on your own is more secure. thus you can provide one in the checkout process. generation of the csr on the server-side (optional) is a trade-off. it enables unexperienced users to use ssl encryption on their websites. encryption is better than no encryption. :slightly_smiling:

let me know if you know a better solution for unexperienced users.


Giving unexperienced users a terrible option just for the sake of making it easy doesn’t make it less terrible…

Especially these users should be protected from this kind of insecure options, because they won’t recognise it as insecure.

If an user can’t get a certificate in a secure manner, he or she IMHO shouldn’t be messing with this stuff anyway…


I also have seen the “let the CA make your key” approach at startssl btw.

not that it’s a good option.


Let’s Encrypt has officially landed at Siteground webhosting:


I was able to get an LE certificate installed on my GoDaddy hosted webpage. It did not allow me to import the crt, but pasting the certificate from the exported pem worked fine.


Here’s the response I received from 1and1. It’s a no go with them.


I just put a ECDSA based cert on GoDaddy Linux Economy hosting; the cheapest hosting they have with the least features. They have a SSL/TLS manager right in cPanel I just had to generate the cert on a Ubuntu live system and copy it to their form fields. Redirects and verification are both working.


All-inkl.com now fully supports Lets Encrypt

Source (German): https://notizblog.tripax.de/2016/03/all-inkl-com-jetzt-mit-vollstaendigem-lets-encrypt-support/


EDIS (Austria) does offer Let’s Encrypt SSL starting from March 31, 2016