Web Hosting who support Let's Encrypt


While not yet officially supported, I can confirm the Let’s Encrypt tools work on Rackspace infrastructure (Load Balancers and Cloud Servers) with a handful of the support staff whom know how it works and use it successfully.



deep AG (switzerland) will support it from Jan/2016 for all Hosting products


https://www.configbox.com already supports free SSL with plesk lets encrypt plugin!


Added both to list. Thanks!


We are now fully supporting Lets Encrypt with a Cpanel Plugin on all our web hosting servers and services. Clients can generate a request a certificate for any or all domains or subdomains without restrictions on the number of certificates.



Implementation is done. Clients just have to inform support@deep.ch or give us a call to enable HTTPS.


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Love the idea of this thread - great to get a directory of services offering Let’s Encrypt.

I’m a co-founder at https://thisistap.com. Just a quick note to let you know that we’ve got the LE API integrated and are testing it over the weekend with a view to rolling it out next week for our pro sites as standard. Obviously SSL will be free to all users and we want to be transparent about our offering so please include us in the list. We’re also rolling out HTTP/2 support as we speak to support the LE SSL offering.

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we at hostNET support LE since December '15 and after various tests with our customers, we have a final, nice howto for implementing and auto renew Let’s Encrypt in our Managed-Root Server Systems in some easy steps (see last link in german translation below)


wir von https://www.hostnet.de unterstützen LE seit der öffentlichen beta im Dezember 2015. Nach vielen erfolgreichen Tests mit unseren Kunden haben wir nun eine einfache How-To online, mit der man Let’s Encrypt auf unseren Managed-Root Serversystemen ganz einfach installieren und automatisch erneuern kann: https://www.hostnet.de/faq/wie-kann-ich-letsencrypt-nutzen.html



Dreamhost’s integration has just been released to the public, seems pretty straight forward although it took a while for the cert to be copied out to their web servers.


Unfortunately, I couldn’t get Let’s Encrypt working with GoDaddy’s Shared Virtual Servers for the cPanel stuff, but you can get it working for your regular domain I do believe. It seems you just need to generate the certificate using a different machine, if I’m not mistaken. Seeing how I wanted to generate SSL certs for the cPanel stuff though, I needed to upgrade to a Private Virtual Server. I was then able to install the SSLs for the cPanel and WHM stuff, plus my domains.


Thanks! I have moved deep.ch to Supported list. :slightly_smiling:

@matttap Thanks for supporting Lets Encrypt! I have taken the time to add you to the list.

@Spork_Schivago You didn’t have to, you can generate the certs offsite via Linux live cd and just import then via SSL certs. There is a post about it with steps, its pretty simple. Bug them to support Let’s Encrypt so you don’t have to worry about it in future. Doubt they will care enough, but worth a try.

To everyone else, I have directly linked ALL sites which are supporting it. I have also VERIFIED ALL link proof and removed sites that shouldn’t be on the supported list.

Do not add useless sites to the list to promote your site, I will move you to trash list aka not supported and remove links. I check the wiki often. :rage:


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You can add http://buyshared.net to the list as well. We added LE support a couple weeks ago.



We support Let’s Encrypt and currently have implemented LE certs for some of our customers as per here.

We’ve actually been testing Let’s Encrypt support ever since the beta started but it’s incredible the progress we’ve all made since the beta started.


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Thanks. I have added you to the list.

@KeiroD I have also added you to the list.

Thank you for supporting Let’s Encrypt!


@StopSpazzing You’re welcome!

We’re very happy to have Let’s Encrypt as an option for everyone. The CA system is terribly broken and this is admittedly one step in the right direction.


Thanks for the response StopSpazzing.

I have a Linux box here at my house and I tried generating the test certs off-site. I was fine for generating for my actually domain, JetBBS.com and www.JetBBS.com. The problem was with the cPanel stuff. Generating valid SSL certs for stuff like webmail.JetBBS.com, cpanel.JetBBS.com, etc. Those aren’t subdomains but VirtualHosts. My understanding was I needed access to the actual document root for those VirtualHosts. For example, if I could successfully create a directory, like acme-challenge and put a test.html file in there, and then successfully view that file by going to something like webmail.JetBBS.com/acme-challenge/test.html, I would of been fine. But because I couldn’t do that, I was SOL.

Was I doing something wrong and could I actually of generated valids certs for the cPanel stuff? Thanks!


Have you tried https://gethttpsforfree.com/ ? Just download the page, aka “save as” and run it locally if you are worried about anything, should help you set up for cpanel. I used it for our site which was crappy old CentOS 6.7 and wouldnt let me set it up with cpanel automatically. I havent tried it with virtualhosts but doesnt require the same way as using the .well-known if I remember correctly. Let me know how it works out for you. I will note I ran it on my computer, but ran the required commands on the server to generate the correct information; aka you need ssh access. Click the how do i generate this links to give you the needed info for each field.


Thanks StopSpazzing, but I have no need to use another site. I got the WHM / cPanel all sorted out. I just need to stop Apache before renewing, then restart it afterwards, that’s all. I even got a script now that auto-adds the SSL certs to WHM and installs them for the various services (cPanel, webmail, whm, etc). Thanks though!


WebhostOne GmbH today lauched Let’s Encrypt Support for all customers: https://www.webhostone.de/