Web Hosting who support Let's Encrypt


Hello everyone,

PlanetHoster create a cPanel module and install it on every hosting, more news here: https://forums.planethoster.net/threads/exclusive-free-ssl-to-all-our-customers.4731/#post-17876

We are also an official sponsor of L.E !

See you.


Thanks! I have added PlanetHoster to list. Thank you for supporting L.E.!

@brianleejackson That totally sucks. Basically same response from Namecheap. Maybe once out of beta or the cpanel module is finished they will jump on board.


AmaZili in France

Proudly hosting customers on servers providing free LE certificates with one IP per domain.

Contact page : https://amazili-communication.com/contact-avec-votre-partenaire-en-communication/


I had a chat with support at SiteGround and they’re working on supporting LE but he didn’t have a time frame.


Nice, I have added it to list of support. Thanks!

@gtle Have them notify you when they have it integrated. :smile:

Trouble using Let's Encrypt on OS X

https://ntechit.de is already supporting Lets Encrypt.
It’s integrated into their webhosting panel and runs fully automatically.


Screenshots attached.


@StopSpazzing, interpret it as you will, but I got the below response from VentraIP of ventraip.com.au who are the owner of Zuver of zuver.net.au. Seems it’s a “maybe” to me:

At this point of time we will not be offering Let’s Encrypt certificates as it’s not an officially supported product by cPanel.

As a sidenote, we have built our own implementation around this should we choose to press ahead without official cPanel support, but this wouldn’t be something we would look into seriously until next year, after our technical embargo has been lifted. Until it’s officially supported by cPanel though, I would hazard a guess that if we were going to implement it, it would most likely be implemented on Zuver first, then VentraIP Australia Economy services and I would say Business services would not receive it until some-form of hardened official support from cPanel.

Angelo Giuffrida, CEO
VentraIP Australia



@SquishousKnid I will interpret it as they don’t want to provide support until official cPanel app is finished. So currently, no planned support. Same as my hosting company.


I wouldnt say unplanned but rather as “waiting” or “delayed” since all they need is the cpanel plugin or whatever.


I added them to Planned, since they want to add it but are waiting as you stated. Unless you think delayed or waiting is a better description?


I think delayed/waiting as extra is better since we are knowing what they are waiting for (in this case cpanel). planned means more that they are working on it (or at least trying to)

also you could split the confirmed section also into done and planned because you have just “confirmed” “unconfirmed” and “no support planned”

so the end result should be (in my opinion)
no planned support


Originally was going to do something like this but the logistics of maintaining a list that keeps growing would have made it a nightmare.

I had this planned… and now it is completed.

I have coped it over and anyone can modify the list.
If you dont have a Github account and don’t want to make one, just post here and I’ll add you to the wiki.


Progreso.pl (we are Polish web hosting company) - today launched full support for Let’s Encrypt in our control panel server (called Extranet). One click, 60 seconds and the site work in SSL version.

News about the implementation:

How to generate a certificate with one click:

Thanks Let’s Encrypt!


Thanks, I have added you to the list. :smile:


I am a GoDaddy customer. I contacted Support, and the agent had not heard of Let’s Encrypt. He checked, and confirmed that GoDaddy does not support it.

I have formally requested support for Let’s Encrypt, but bearing in mind that GoDaddy is a Tier 1 supplier of SSL certificates, I find it unlikely indeed that GoDaddy will agree.

Still, one can hope, seeing as Let’s Encrypt will not invalidate its primary SSL business, as GoDaddy sells only expensive certificates; people after cheap ones (even GoDaddy customers) will purchase them elsewhere.


They will not be motivated to do it right away, but once other major providers also start to support LE they will be forced to do it eventually.


While not yet officially supported, I can confirm the Let’s Encrypt tools work on Rackspace infrastructure (Load Balancers and Cloud Servers) with a handful of the support staff whom know how it works and use it successfully.



deep AG (switzerland) will support it from Jan/2016 for all Hosting products


https://www.configbox.com already supports free SSL with plesk lets encrypt plugin!


Added both to list. Thanks!