Web Hosting who support Let's Encrypt


Let’s Encrypt certificates installed by default on all new domains and sub-domains at https://www.inspedium.com . We’re currently in the process of adding certs for all existing clients as well! :slight_smile:

https://twitter.com/ZahidSindhu/status/916993348975644673 - Press Release to follow soon!


https://www.lightningbase.com is a dedicated Wordpress host that supports lets encrypt, with one-click installation and automatic renewal of certificates.




All our shared hosting accounts come with free Lets Encrypt SSL automated via cPanel.




Is this list just for generic web hosting, or is e-commerce hosting also in scope? I ask because Volusion, an e-commerce host, charges $89 per year for its own CA or a $99 fee to bring your own certificate. (Source) I haven’t asked support whether installation of a renewed certificate for the same SAN set from the same CA also incurs the $99 fee; if it does, renewal every 73 days becomes cost-prohibitive.


Veridyen supports Lets Encrypt for main domain and all subdomains since 7 months. One click installation and automatic renewal of certificates.



Pride Tech Design offers fully managed VPS hosting for $10/mo, which comes pre-configured with WordPress and Let’s Encrypt SSL free of charge. By default, all traffic is redirected to https.

Also included with each plan is a fully configured E-mail server, Webmin control panel, Webmail by Rainloop, and all of these are configured to use Let’s Encrypt SSL by default.

Additional software such as phpMyAdmin or phpList are available upon request. Registered non-profits receive a special discount.


As this list will surely grow and grow and grow.
Should we start an opposite list: Web Hosting who don’t support Lets Encrypt ?
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You could add Tech and Me to the list: https://shop.techandme.se/index.php/product-category/hosting/

I’m the owner.


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@PinoBatch HostGator also charges a similar fee, and it’s very annoying.

If you’re looking for an e-commerce provider that does support Let’s Encrypt, Shopify is probably the most popular one. I’ll add it to the list.

EDIT: in the interest of being fair, I reviewed SitePoint’s top 10 list of ecommerce providers for others that might support Let’s Encrypt. In addition to Shopify, both Wix and Squarespace integrate with Let’s Encrypt and were already listed. Additionally, BigCommerce offers free SSL certificates, but they are supplied by Symantec’s Encryption Everywhere program.


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8Dweb.com has supported Let’s Encrypt on all Hosting platforms (shared to dedicated) since May 2016.


Apex Hosting provides support for Let’s Encrypt in their Business & Developer shared hosting packages.


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Nexcess supports Let’s Encrypt!


Smarterasp.net supports Let’s Encrypt as well. Please add to the list. Thank you.


AmaZili offers Let’s Encrypt free for any site hosting since Let’s Encrypt release :sunglasses: . Thanks for listing us


http://1984hosting.com automatic setup for all shared hosting customers


You could also add the Polish shared hosting provider Vipserv. Here’s their knowledge base article outlining Let’s Encrypt support (in Polish). In essence, one just chooses to enable HTTPS for a given (sub)domain hosted there and selects Let’s Encrypt as the certificate provider. Works automatically, including renewal.