Web Hosting who support Let's Encrypt


https://servertown.ch/ supports Let’s Encrypt. Easy accessible via Plesk, just tried it out.
P.S.: Thanks for providing this great service (Let’s Encrypt)!


https://www.indedmedia.com You can ask them and they install it on your site.


Interneto Vizija supports Let’s Encrypt. Source and HOWTO.


Kinsta now officially supports Let’s Encrypt for all managed WordPress hosting customers.


Endora supports Let’s Encrypt. (source, unfortunately only in Czech)



As of yesterday, I have enabled automated certificate generation through Let’s Encrypt for our shared hosting product.
Certificates are created on the fly as per the first request to the hostname, and are of course automatically renewed.

I have posted in xs4all.general on Usenet for it, but not otherwise posted publicly about this yet.

I have pregenerated certificates for all our existing customers, which has put the NL TLD on the map in the Let’s Encrypt plot now. Any new customers will have it, like I stated before, automatically generated on a first request.

We would love to be included in the list! We are, however, a Dutch internet access and hosting provider.

Kind regards,

Daniël Mostertman
System Engineer at XS4ALL Internet B.V.


That’s great news, @danielm! I’ve bumped your user level so you can go ahead and add xs4all to the list! :ok_hand:


Thanks! I’ve added us :slight_smile:


I appreciate that @StopSpazzing’s original post mentioned that this is only about shared web hosting, not about VPS hosting where users have root access to their own virtual server (in the latter case, people can use Let’s Encrypt client software like Certbot, acme.sh, on their hosting plan to get their own certificates). I wonder if there’s a way to make that distinction clearer within the list itself, in the case of hosting providers who offer a VPS service (that the “support” or “lack of support” here doesn’t mean “Let’s Encrypt can/can’t ever be used with this company’s services”, but rather means “Let’s Encrypt is/isn’t integrated in this company’s shared hosting product(s)”).


www.letsencrypthosting.de also offers Webhosting with Let’s Encrypt SSL-Certificates.


WPOven now supports Let’s Encrypt for there Managed WordPress hosting clients.


NearlyFreeSpeech.NET (NFSN) now supports Let’s Encrypt renewal automaticly (but in beta)

https://members.nearlyfreespeech.net/forums/viewtopic.php?p=45411#45411 (requires member login to view)



Peoplehost also has it :wink:



At Greenhost, we have implemented Let’s Encrypt in our service centre for shared hosting.
At this very moment we could be listed under “Planned” as we are doing a closed Beta right now, but we plan to start the public Beta this week. For those interested, we also released the source code of our certbot plugin for use with HAProxy.


I am using this list exclusively to choose my company’s webhost. It would be nice if this list were sorted by country. Or at least separate by continent.


I totally agree. It would be hepful to have a grid with some info (country, prices, data,…)


This list should distinguish at the top (and praise) hosts which enable Let’s Encrypt by default and which redirect HTTP to HTTPS by default. This is the best support of Let’s Encrypt’s mission “to create a more secure and privacy-respecting Web.”

GitHub Pages does support the Let’s Encrypt mission. If I tell my grandmom to set up a GitHub Pages page I can be sure that everyone who accesses it will be HTTPS.

If I tell my grandmom to make a website using any account on the list above then I can be pretty sure that NOT everyone who accesses her site will use HTTPS. This is because nearly all hosts require:

  • Explicit enablement of Let’s Encrypt
  • Setting up an htaccess rule to redirect HTTP to HTTPS
  • Another htaccess rule to fix ACME protocol from breaking because of the above rule
  • Knowledge that these three steps above are required

My grandmom is not a web developer, sysadmin, etc. Simply recommending most of the hosts from the list above would not create a more secure and privacy-respecting Web. Therefore would should give extra praise to the hosts that do.


I rescind this recommendation. Let’s Encrypt is not Wikipedia and it not trying to promote commercial entities. Instead, it is promoting the Let’s Encrypt mission.

Another post below instead shows how to distinguish hosts which best promote the Let’s Encrypt mission.


We shall be adding this to our services for all customers that want a free SSL.

Great work from Lets Encrypt to get all websites a FREE SSL and we’ve also recommended you on our Get a free SSL certificate blog

Bradford Web Design and Hosting Services


I am editing this page and removing hosts with no supporting documentation and hosts which “support LE” if you generate the certificate by yourself using “Get HTTPS for free!”. Since every webserver supports “Get HTTPS for free!”, there is no benefit to recognizing those companies here.

Companies that I have removed (discuss here BEFORE attempting to re-add them)

  • GODADDY - Removed, only supported on VPS
  • TDWEBSERVICES - Removed, no source
  • WEBFACTION - Not supported source
  • FUNIO - Only one free certificate, but unlimited domains (therefore unlimited minus one do NOT have free certificates) source
  • HOSTING4REAL - Removed, no source
  • RESELLERCHOICE - Removed, no source (and the HTTPS certificate for their homepage is even invalid!)