Warning Potential Security Risk Ahead

I have an updated Plesk server and added a Let’s Encrypt SSL cert to a site. When I go to the site I get a secure lock. I tried on 3 browsers, Firefox, Safari, Chrome. I even went to a site to look at my website through what windows would see, and still secure green lock. However, my client has sent me an image of other people trying to go to the site and getting the Warning: Potential Security Risk Ahead. I don’t understand what could be the issue. If all these other browsers are stating it is secure, why are other people running into these issues?

Also, Google shows it as a secure site and when I click on a search of their website everything loads properly.

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Without the URL to your website, this thread is pretty much useless.

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Hi @visualtribe

that’s simple, see your check result - https://check-your-website.server-daten.de/?q=garagegranite.com

Your certificate

expires in 32 days	garagegranite.com - 1 entry

has only one domain name, so your www version isn’t secure. But your www version has an A-record.

There are some users, they add never www. Other users add always www.

So if you have both dns entries, you should have a matching certificate and correct redirects.


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