VPS Provider changed my email server's IP - what do I need to do?

Woothosting was purchased by AlphaRacks. Without any prior notice, they ‘upgraded’ their systems and in the process changed my static IP address (for my mail server). It’s a good thing they aren’t local and I don’t have a shotgun.

I’ve upgraded DNS records and eventually they will respond to my ticket and update my reverse PTR. The DNS records haven’t yet propagated.

However, my letsencrypt certificate doesn’t seem to be working correctly.

When I go to the webmail page it now shows as “Not secure”.

The machine is Ubuntu 16.04 running certbot 0.17.0.

What do I need to do to get myself back to where I was? Or do I simply need to wait for the DNS records to update?

Thanks all.


Hi @AndyInNYC

what's your domain name?

That may be only a caching problem. So a browser isn't the right tool to check it.

That sounds very old.

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