Verify error:Invalid response from


Hi! I’m trying to follow these instructions:

And I get stuck at:
$ --issue --webroot ~/public_html/ -d –staging`

I get this error: error:Invalid response from

Any suggestions? Thanks!


I’m pretty sure that this domain is hosted by ISPManager, not cPanel. So the wiki you are following may not be completely indicative.

Can you give an indication of what your document root looks like on that server? Maybe somewhere else is the true document root?

find ~/{www,public_html} -maxdepth 1


It’s totally cPanel.

find: Expected a positive decimal integer argument to -maxdepth, but got `1find'
[login_name@server254 ~]$ find ~/{www,public_html} -maxdepth 1


Some evidence to the contrary:

Is it possible you have some cPanel hosting, but the domain currently points to non-cPanel hosting in DNS?


I just transferred domain from one registar to another. Seems like DNS hasn’t updated yet.
To be sure I deleted domain from my previous registar. I’ll try again tomorrow. Thanks!

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