Using SSL from a Windows program

Hi guys,

Never worked with SSL before, but now I need to communicate with a web service from a Windows program using the open source LibCurl library. It supports SSL, but I have no idea what kind of certificate I need. Everything I have looked at is requiring domain name. I understand that for web server SSL, but this is for a certificate on a windows machines that are not part of a domain.

Any help would be immensely appreciated!

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In your scenario, you likely don’t need a certificate. Only the web service does unless the authentication with that web service uses client certificates. And in that case, you don’t need a Let’s Encrypt certificate (or any public certificate) for that purpose.

It’s the same sort of situation with a web browser and a web server. The server has the certificate, not the client.


Hi @arnorbld

do you run the web service?

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