Using Let's Encrypt with Cloud 66


All you need to get started is activate Let's Encrypt in your Cloud 66 account. To do this, just follow a few easy steps:

Step 1: Explore Add-ins

Once you're logged-in to your Cloud 66 account, open your stack and click on the Explore Add-ins box.

Step 2: Networking

Next, select the SSL certificate box that's located in the Networking section and click on the install now button.

Step 3: SSL Certificate

The Web Server SSL Certificate window will pop up. Now you have an option of either providing all the standard SSL Certificate details, or click on LetsEncrypt (Beta) link.

Step 4: Let's Encrypt

The Let's Encrypt Client is still in public beta, and it's recommended to first test this in a staging environment before moving to production.

Cloud 66 supports multiple domains and subdomain combinations, which you can specify in the Domain Names box.

Note: Let's Encrypt DOES NOT support wildcards, therefore make sure you specify all your domains separately.

For example if you own the domain and you're running a couple of services (www, api, cms), you'll need to specify them one-by-one;, , etc...

It's worth noting that Cloud 66 automatically takes care of renewing your Let's Encrypt service expiration every 3 months.You can learn more about SSL certificates on the help site here: