Using Let's Encrypt to secure an Core app running on Ubuntu

I read the Core uses the Kestrel web server and if the site is facing the internet you need to use a reverse proxy, usually Apache2 or Nginx. I am familiar with Apache so I will probably use that.

I was simply wondering if it is possible to make an Core site on a Linux box HTTPS with the cerbot or is it possible with additional configuration?

You don’t have to go into details I just want to know if it’s possible.

Do you mean in combination Apache?

The answer would be yes.

You would use Apache’s mod_proxy to reverse proxy to your ASP .NET Core site, and then you would use Certbot:

certbot --apache -d

It doesn’t really matter whether you’re proxying to Kestrel or something else, only thing that matters to Certbot is that you’re using Apache at the front.

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