Using CloudFlare with Let's Encrypt With CloudFlare - Issues with Reverse Proxying


here is another newbie question.

I use Debian 8 in my VPS. and i periodically update & upgrade my server using apt-get.

What happened is, after latest apt-get update and upgrade Debian on my server, cloudflare started to threw 525 error regarding to SSL on my sites which using let’s encrypt.

I took out one of sites from Cloudflare. So currently i have 1 broken website for 525 error and 1 broken website which is picking wrong certificate. It picks certificate of my another site’s ssl in my vps.

now it directs to another server (first one as alphabetical order.

What should be the appropriate steps to correct this errors?

web server is nginx. and site is

thanks in advance,

hi @auludag

Review: Certificate bypassed by CloudFlare

I believe you have your problem is now solved was it the reverse proxying by cloudflare

I see they certificates issued for your domain as well


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hi @ahaw021 thanks for reaching out. indeed. for the 525 error sites what happened in cloudflare i don’t know but it is now working.

and for the other site which i removed from cloudflare, i generated certificates again and corrected nginx conf. it is working now.

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