Use Letsencrypt for internal sites

Hi all,

I am running Letsencrypt on my Unraid Server for several years. I am using it for nextcloud as well as Home Assistant and Node Red.
Letsencrypt is listening on port 443 in my internal network and I have a portforwarding from my Public IP to that Letsencrypt container.

On my internal DNS Server I have the entries for the mentioned services as well to not route the traffic out on my router and back again.

Now I want to remove Home Assistant and Node Red from external access and use “On Demand VPN” on my iPhone.

To get this working I have to remove the entries on the public DNS, but then also Letsencrypt is not working anymore and also my internal devices are not able to connect anymore. I still want to use Letsencrypt, because then no app will complain on “unencrypted” sites…

Any ideas?


If you could obtain your certs via DNS authentication (instead of direct HTTP), then you could get all your internal devices to use LE certs.

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