HI! Thisis my first post.
i’ve my own server. With Plesk.
Today i receive an email from root where say me, i request too many new certificates.
BUT i don’t use this domain. i don’t request any certificates. Server is protected and no any attach or intrusion on log.
What can i do ?


Hi @andsec

what’s your domain name? Or is it simple phishing spam?

Did you checked it with


if there are certificates created?



please if you can after read delete above domain, is a firstname customer.
I don’t think spam, because i try a request ad give me some error.


There are new certificates created evere 1 - 2 hours. 5 certificates created -> the next hits the limit.

Looks like you have activated SSL with that domain, started 2019-01-17.

You should check your Plesk installation and stop that.

Every week one block of 5 certificates (5 pre- and 5 leaf certificates).

And the domain has a lot of CAA entries: Comodo, Digicert, Globalsign, Letsencrypt.

But your server uses a self signed plesk certificate.

Did you ask your hoster (hostinger) what’s going wrong?


So, i can’t understand, because is the only domain with this issue.
Certificate of server is a purchased ssl, but i think mistake. This domain is unused. Only me can access it. Unused from 1 or more month.
I recheck all.


Read the basics.

An ACME-client creates a file in the /.well-known/acme-challenge subdirectory, Letsencrypt checks that file. If the content is correct, a certificate is created -> that produces a Certificate Transparency entry you can check with crt.sh.

So it’s your server - or the server is hacked and the certificate is used with another server (requires dns manipulation).


Hi my friends,
i recheck and do not appear error.
Is possible this error because, this night the server was down (power off) for 8/10 hours for maintenenance and hardware change?
Thank you very much!


I think to have found my mistake in certificates. Thanks a lot for your support!


No. There are weekly created certificates, this isn’t a problem of one night, it’s a permanent problem.

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