Updates on TLS-SNI deprecation email

Hi forum friends! I wanted to give an update on our TLS-SNI deprecation mailings. We sent out a lot of these yesterday, but they’re currently on hold.

We’re going to work on updating our tooling so we can include domain names in the email. We’re also going to make some wording tweaks; we’ll post them here for feedback.

Also, I want to offer my apologies for sending out a big deprecation email without giving you all a heads-up that forum traffic would increase. Big thanks to @JuergenAuer and everyone else who has been hard at work answering people’s questions!



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Thank you for adding the domain names to the second version of the email - if you’ve used the same email address for a bunch of servers (blush), it made it a lot easier to see which ones need work.

I found the instructions at How to stop using TLS-SNI-01 with Certbot that was linked to in the second version very helpful too.

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