Update IPV4 address in DNS A record

I am switching a website from existing external IP(IPV4) to a new external IP. Do i need to reissue the cerbot certificate or change any things.I want to update IPV4 address my DNS A record.

Do you mean that you’re switching your webserver software (e.g. from apache to nginx), or that you’re switching to a new web server machine running the same software?

If i updating external IP in dns A records.Then any changes required in installed cerbot certificates

The certificates are issued for domain names, not IP addresses, so there are no changes required.

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What @bytecamp says is correct in that if you are only changing your IP address, you don’t have to change anything regarding Let’s Encrypt.

However, since your original question asked about changing to a different “webserver”, I’m guessing maybe your new IP address refers to a new server? If that’s the case, the easiest thing to do is probably to reissue the certificate on the new server, once your DNS records are pointed at it.

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