Update Account E-Mail WITHOUT Certbot (acmephp)

Hi there,

could anyone explain me what has to be done to update my registered account E-Mail?
I am not using certbot, so i cannot use the certbot command. I am using a php client on base of acmephp (https://github.com/acmephp/acmephp).
But acmephp does not seem to have this implemented, so I would like to know what needs to be done to implement it myself and if possible provide a PR for acmephp.
I tried to find out in the source of certbot, but it is quite hard to understand for me there.

Thanks for your help!

Basically, you need to do a POST to the account URL with the new contact addresses, as shown here: https://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc8555#section-7.3.2

I suspect it’s going to look something like:

public function updateAccount($contact = NULL)
  $client = $this->getHttpClient();
  $accountURL = $this->getResourceAccount();

  $payload = [];
  if ($contact !== NULL)
    $payload['contact'] = $contact;

  return $client->request('POST', $accountURL,



Thank you very much, that helps a lot!
I will try as soon as I can find some time and report back how it worked.

Thanks again @_az
I think it worked (received the correct account data as response as described in the RFC).