Unblock my domain - 360.rs


My domain is 360.rs, and i try use HAWKHOST (www.hawkhost.com) cpanel and add SSL.
I want to have https:// domain.

Support of HawkHost told me that i’m on some black list and i can’t do it. Can you help me please and remove my domain from this black list?

Here is snapshot what i get on HawkHost:

Hi @goranbeg,

Apologies about the trouble you’re having issuing a certificate through Hawkhost.

They’re correct in that this is a problem with the Let’s Encrypt policy list. I’ve started the process to remove 360.rs from the blocked list. This typically takes 5-12 days but may take longer in this instance due to some staff travel. I will update this thread once the change has been made and you will be able to issue successfully. Thanks for your patience!

Thank you very very much! :slight_smile:

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Hi @goranbeg

Good news - the update has been performed in production. You should be able to issue for 360.rs domains without seeing any policy errors. Please let me know if you still encounter any problems.

Thanks! Take care,


Thank you!!! :slight_smile: Now all working good.

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