Unblock IP address (DNS issue, kube-lego went haywire)

I’m running a Kubernetes cluster at and was previously using kube-lego 0.1.3 to fetch certificates. A power outage caused my cluster to reboot, and post-reboot, it was resolving a particular domain name to the wrong IP address and proceeding to infinite-loop request a certificate for only one of the two domains in the ingress (a separate issue I’ve reported to the kube-lego github).

I’ve now fixed the resolving issue by installing dnsmasq on the host nodes, writing the /etc/hosts file accordingly, and putting that at a higher priority in the name server list. I’ve also updated to kube-lego 0.1.6 following the rate limiting discussion at https://github.com/jetstack/kube-lego/pull/329 so with any luck (knock on wood) even if I get some sort of DNS issue, my server should hopefully no longer hammer yours.

Would you please forgive me and unblock :slight_smile:

Hi @ftab,

Thanks for confirming you’ve been able to address the problem and have upgraded to 0.1.6. We certainly appreciate it :slight_smile:

Absolutely. I’ll file the ticket to unblock this IP today. As a note, you’ve caught us during some datacentre maintenance/upgrade work and the folks that will process this request may not get to it as fast as usual. I will let you know on this thread when the required change has been made.


Hi again @ftab,

Good news: you should be unblocked. Please let me know if you are still encountering any errors.

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