Unauthorized error - Cant validate using dynamic DNS - Namecheap domain

I am trying to get SSL for a home nexctcloud installation with a dynamic IP.
Domain is axoitech.com and using namecheap's dynamic dns pointing to the IP.
Port 80 is working fine, but look at the terminal errors on the screenshots below.
I tried flushing DNS cache on the router, www, without www, i added the domain to the trusted list in the nextcloud configuration... not sure if i am missing something or is a problem with the way namecheap is redirecting the domain?
Thanks for any help
(i dont see an option to add images here.. ?)

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Hi @axo

your name server setup is ok, an A-record with your ip address.

But your screenshot shows the problem.

/.well-known/acme-challenge/random-filename is redirected to the login-page /index.php/login.

So Letsencrypt can't validate your domain.

Change that.

Read the part about http validation:

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Ok i understand the problem.. with that redirection it wont be able to validate.
Now when you said

Change that

That's the part i am clueless how to do lol.
I am using the default configuration for nextcloud on a fresh install.. I was able to certify a different instance the same way on google servers, so in this case, my tech skills on Linux don't go this far.
Any tips or a guide to change this redirection will be much appreciated.
Thank you Juergen


Hi and welcome to the community forum!

The problems I see are:

  1. Apache is not redirecting HTTP to HTTPS
    So this link will never be secure (on it's own): http://axoitech.com/index.php/login
  2. The cert in use is self-signed by "localhost".
    That needs to be replaced ASAP - even before fixing issue #1.

So, have you installed an ACME client to get the cert you need?

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I don't know.

You have somewhere that redirect. Find it and change the rules, so /.well-known/ isn't redirected.

There are a lot of online samples how to do that. Most of the Redirect / Rewrite documentations have samples. So use one of your system.

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