Unauthorized domain helloworld.dagoukeji.com

No, but there are several out the there where you can get a free 90 day cert.
Like: Zero SSL

Where LE excels (above providing free 90 days certs for all) is in providing ACME clients that easily enable automation; and, of course, this great community forum [which is unmatched].

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Thanks for the explanation. Note that still another option can be delegating the _acme-challenge subdomain of your main domain to a third-party DNS provider, most often Cloudflare, that has an API for DNS updates that’s friendly to Let’s Encrypt client integration. In that case the Let’s Encrypt clients would be able to create that record automatically from software in order to automate the renewals, even if your regular DNS zone doesn’t support automatic updates!


(or you could potentially host your DNS zone entirely separately from your web hosting, if the cloud provider doesn’t actively object to that)

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