Unable to renew ssl

did you have one?

if it’s pointing to the same server, ask certbot to get you a cert for that domain:

certbot --apache -d priceblaze.pk -d www.priceblaze.pk

it should ask to expand a current cert, let it do so.

preivous one working fine. well thanks for your superb support. my issue resolve

you never had a cert for priceblaze.pk, only for www.priceblaze.pk :wink: https://crt.sh/?q=priceblaze.pk

you can get both if you want, otherwise you’ll get an error on https://priceblaze.pk (that’s different, no www.)

yup thankx buddy for you support

CentOS is very focused on a corporate-centric “right way” of doing things, in an environment where any major changes might require the approval of upper management.

You may need to search Inline with Upstream Stable or other similar repositories for more recent versions of any particular software that you like to use with CentOS.

Fedora is a little more tuned to the needs of the average-case end user with a yum upgrade && reboot strategy.

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