Unable to renew certificate

My domain is rift-cichlids.com
address: https://www.rift-cichlids.com/
My site is with a host: Hosteur.com
I have a panel to manage my site.

A few months ago, my host (Hosteur.com) offered to switch my site to https using an SSL certificate registered with Let's Encrypt; I accepted and he did the procedure.
A few days ago, this certificate became expired; in order to renew it, I contacted my host but he tells me that this is currently not possible because the number of authorizations given by Let's Encrypt is exhausted! Instead, it offers me a paid certificate which I do not need for my site. I don't understand what my host is telling me...
My site is therefore blocked and this poses a very big problem for me...
What can I do ? how can you help me?
thank you


Your hoster is trying to rip you off if you'd ask me.

Your domain only has a single certificate issued which has indeed expired: crt.sh | rift-cichlids.com

Unless your hosting provider doesn't have its business in order, it should be able to renew the certificate perfectly.

And looking at the fact it offered you a paid certificate: it's trying to rip you off.

If I were you, I'd search for a new hosting provider which does have Let's Encrypt enabled by default.


Welcome to the Let's Encrypt Community :slightly_smiling_face:

Considering that your previous certificate was from ZeroSSL and not Let's Encrypt...

I think your hoster is confused. If you're using cPanel, you can possibly just use CertSage to do this yourself and ignore their confusion.


:rofl: didn't even see that :blush:

Another very good reason to swich hosting providers: take your money to a hosting provider which does know what it's talking about.

Also, I've moved your thread to the #help section, as this is not a feature request.




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